Windows 10 21h2 will be another version of Polish-centered accommodation

Windows 10 21h2 will be another version of Polish-centered accommodation

With the Windows 11 ad, some people may assume that Microsoft will focus their efforts on the next Windows delivery, and they would be correct and incorrect at the same time. Microsoft still has a commitment to serve Windows 10 users, and not only with their usual security patches and error corrections. In fact, the company has just announced the existence of an update of Windows 10 21h2 functions that comes later this year. However, do not wait for great changes, since you will only have a set of features available to the features delivered using “service technology”.

What Microsoft means whenever it throws that term “service technology” is that it will use the same delivery system it uses for regular maintenance updates. This means that the update should be minimally disruptive, even if you will be asked to restart anyway. It also means that there should be no new feature that breaks the existing functionality.

This will be the third “APOped” feature update after Windows 20H2 and Windows 21h1. These three are based on the same window 10 version 2004 launched in the first half of 2020. That is what will make it possible for the installation experience of Windows 10 21h2 to be quick for anyone who runs in these three previous versions of the operating system .

Microsoft Tempers expectations say that liberation will focus on productivity and safety, but that does not mean that there is no new feature. However, these new features will not be exciting for everyone, such as Windows Hi support for business users. Developers who use Windows subsystem for Linux (WSL) will probably be happy with the next support for the GPU computing and the Azure IoT edge.

The company did not give you any specific launch date for Windows 10 21h2, except at some point in the second half of the year, as its name suggests. However, it has begun to deploy compilations to Windows researchers, particularly those whose systems do not meet the requirements of Windows 11. Microsoft promises the usual 18 months of support for domestic and professional issues and 30 months for business versions and Windows Education 10 21h2.

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