Pixel 6 XL TV Teleoby Camera could boast of Zoom from 5x Ultra Tele Lens

Pixel 6 XL TV Teleoby Camera could boast of Zoom from 5x Ultra Tele Lens

If you thought Apple was Stevey when he came to the camera material, you may not have seen what Google put on his pixel phones. The first Google pixel made headlines because of all the tips it could do and the beautiful images it could produce with a single 12MP camera. AI and algorithms could not go so far and Google finally upgraded its cameras. One of the biggest updates could come to the pixel 6 XL, or PRO based on older leaks, which will have the first telephoto camera of the line and a very powerful to that.

Even the last Pixel flagship phone could not eat a lot when it happened to the camera material. There was a 12.2mp main camera with Dual-Pixel PDAF and a 16 MP ultra-wide shooter. As always, Google has looked at its software prowess to do what most high-end phones can with fewer premium material.

If the rumors are true, the pixel 6 could be the biggest departure of the company of this direction. The main camera will have a 50MP sensor, although the ultra-wide camera looks like it is doffed at 12 mp. The more interesting change, however, is the 48MP telephoto camera that is supposed to have a periscope style lens.

The XDA review of the Google Camera version 8.2.400 supplied with the last Android 12 Beta 3 reveals the capabilities of this new camera. The application code points to an option “zoom_toggle_ultratele” with the text “5x” to display in the user interface, allusion to a zoom functionality 5x that Google could market as “Ultra Tele” zoom. Rather than a hybrid zoom form, it is believed that the camera will offer a real 4.3x optical zoom, depending on the modern Google Camera that found the clues.

This would certainly be a significant improvement in the family of pixel phones. With more powerful expertise in Google’s hardware and software, the 6 XL pixel could be able to be one of the best Android phones this year and not only in the camera department only.

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