Google search protects your search history with these new functions

Google search protects your search history with these new functions

Most people tend to use Google to look for anything they need information, go from mundane to personal. Few people do a thought to how Google, predetermined, track those searches, in one way or another, something that could induce fear and uncertainty in some users when they realize that fact. Fortunately, Google has become more responsible in handling this type of data and giving users more control over their lives online. Now you are entering new features in the Google search that will keep search stories safe from poorly state eyes, including Google.

Most search engines in Google probably do not realize that they can easily see the things they have searched for in the past. Even less less have considered that anyone with physical access to their telephones can also see that data easily. All you need is for a more experienced person to dig through the Google application settings to see potentially juicy information.

For those cases in which you often share your device with a family member or a friend, Google is providing an more protection layer to keep your private search history. Now you may require an additional verification when trying to see the search history of the Google Mobile application. That verification can be your password, fingerprint or two-factor authentication, although it seems predetermined in any screen lock verification that you have configured on your device.

Google has given users the ability to delete their search history after a certain number of months, either 18 or 36 months. It also provides the option to manually delete those entries or even choose to save the search history completely. Google is now adding an even more granular option that will allow you to eliminate the last 15 minutes of search history, almost like erase your tracks, in case you forgot to first activate the incognito mode.

Additional verification To view the search history is now available on all devices, but the 15-minute option to delete the search stories is only available in iOS for now. With these new features, Google also reminds its users how their search was designed with privacy and is designed to be secure by default. Of course, there will always be those who challenge even that.

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