Rowan Atkinson Net Worth, lifestyle and more Update

Rowan Atkinson Net Worth

Rowan Sebastian Atkinson CBE is an Incredible English actor, comic, and talented writer. Atkinson is one of the most legendary figures in English comedy and has also become one of the richest comedians in the world. Rowan’s first work was in the world of radio. But he gained more fame in the world of television. In 1983, he was offered a lead character in one of the most iconic projects: a TV display called Blackadder.

This series had four seasons in total and turned out to be one of the greatest series of America. 1990 was another major year for Atkinson, as this was the year when the iconic character of Mr. Bean was first introduced to the audience during a TV special. From that point onwards, it was telecasted on television until 1995, after that, Rowan created movies with ‘Mr. bean” as the main character. Mr. Bean turned out to be the most favorite character not only of that time but also now.

Rowan Atkinson Net Worth

Rowan Atkinson’s net worth is around $150 million as of 2021. In his initial career as a TV, Atkinson got his fame from the sitcom character “Blackadder”. But the turning point in his life was when he got to play the character of “Mr. Bean”. He played the role of this character for 5 years on the TV, but then thought of making films centered on this character.

In 1997, his head movie was released and was also a big blockbuster. Bean was a box office hit, producing above 250 million dollars on an 18 million dollar budget. He did other films such as a major character in Four Weddings and a funeral in which he played a hilarious vicar.

He also launched an animated version of “Mr. bean” that was telecasted on television until 2019. In 2007, Rowan Atkinson released his second movie centering Mr. Bean as the character, Mr. Bean’s holiday. It turned out to be another blockbuster, earning over $232 million on a relatively low budget.

Rowan Atkinson’s Passion

Atkinson is passionate about cars and has also participated in many races over the last few years. His collection of luxury motors includes a Honda NSX, Jaguar Mk7, Aston Martin DB2, Vintage ford falcon, 1939 BMW 328, and Rolls-Royce phantom coupe. Not only, he has a collection of supercars but also knows how to drive one.

Atkinson recorded as the second-fastest time ever documented on the track. In 1997, he bought a brand-new McLaren F1 for $1 million. He crashed twice that car, firstly in just after two years, he bought it, i.e., in 1999 and then 2011. That repair bill was ginormous. After some years, he listed his car for sale for $15 million but ended up selling for $13 million.

Rowan Atkinson’s Personal life

In 1990, Rowan married a famous make-up artist, who he worked with within the sitcom “Blackadder”, her name is Sunetra Sastry. They had two children together and named them Lily and Ben. And they got divorced in 2015. The same year, i.e., in 2015, Rowan was again in a relationship with his fellow British comic Louise Ford. In 2017, after a relationship of two years, they had a child together.

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