Universal films will make your television debut in Peacock.

Universal films will make your television debut in Peacock.

As of 2022, Universal films will be available in Peacock first instead of HBO. That means that the next Jurassic world and the new Halloween movie will make its debut at the television service in the transmission service that is also owned by your company Matrix Comcast. According to the variety and the Wall Street Journal, Universal’s films will appear exclusively in Peacock to transmit within four months after its theatrical release, as well as within the last four months of a window of 18 months.

Those intermediate 10 months, the films will be licensed around two to three additional partners, although none of them will have exclusive rights of the films. Universal has yet to launch the list of additional partners, and it is not clear if HBO is one of them. The variety says that by adopting the segmented television launch program, Universal expects to avoid excess saturation or make your films look obsolete. In addition, apparently, the transmission platforms are willing to pay the best dollars for popular films these days in an effort to highlight their growing number of rivals out there.

If the movement leads to an increase in subscriber numbers so that the peacock is seen. Comcast made the transmission service available for more potential spectators, a month ago by the release of applications for Amazon Fire TV and Tablets and Samsung Smart TVs. Peacock also grew up in his live sports portfolio recently and announced that he is transmitting 44 games of first Lacrosse League for the season that began on June 4.

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