Netflix Hire Former Apple Executive to Lead Your Podcast Efforts

Netflix Hire Former Apple Executive to Lead Your Podcast Efforts

Netflix has hired N’jeri Eaton, the former head of content for Apple podcasts, to direct their own podcast operations. According to the variety, he is the first person to lead Netflix podcast programming, which indicates the growing commitment of the transmission service with audio content. Netflix has been throwing Companion Talk for a long time for his original films and television series, including those of the crown, the things of Witcher and Alien. Eaton will now monitor those complementary audio shows, as well as the originals produced by the company.

The new executive will be part of the company’s editorial and publishing team, which will be under the leadership of Michelle Lee, the former editor in Chief of Allure. Both Lee and Eaton will join the transmission service at the end of this month. As Bloomberg points out, Netflix is ​​expanding its editorial and editorial division as a whole and has been growing its barn of journalists. Eaton and Lee will inform Netflix CMO Bozoma Saint John, who also used to be an Apple executive.

Before joining Apple in August 2020, Eaton worked in NPR for four years, where he acquired new talents, content and associations. She announced the exit of her from Apple on a tweet on July 2 and more recently confirmed that she is joining Netflix as a chief of podcasts.

Tiktok tests an option similar to a cameo that allows users to pay for videos of custom creators

The longest videos are not the only new feature that comes to Tiktok. The video application in a short manner has begun to allow some users to pay creators for custom clips in the Startup vein Parauso. With the Great Copycats in the hot search, it seems that Tiktok is not against the idea of ​​loan features, as long as they help keep your Gen Z grip. For now, only users in Turkey and Dubai seem Have access to the test, according to the publications of social networks stained by Buzzfeed.

Reportedly, the new feature is called “Shoutouts” and, essentially, allows you to request and pay a video of a creator using the Tiktok coins, the coin in the application purchased with real money and is used to tilt others. It seems that the creators can establish a fee for their services, with the final product delivered to their inbox. In total, your personalized video could take more than a week to arrive, since Tiktok seems to be reviewing the clips first. After all, he does not want the feature to become the new singlefans.

Tiktok apparently dresses the screams so that users ask for happy greetings and talks from popular creators. However, it is not currently clear how many followers have a person to have to have the money from the cries. Based on the ingenuity of your talent base, you can probably expect some of the results to be more creative than direct chats to the camera.

Tiktok is not the only social application emulating cameo. Facebook is also working on “Super”, a service that allows users to pay to interact with influencers in live broadcasts. Meanwhile, Camafe is doing gangbusters, according to its management. Last year, the video application service was carried out in gross income of $ 100 million, 75 percent of which was paid to talent, reports the variety. That was above 4.5 times as of 2019, with the users of the application of the application that offer 1.3 million screams in 2020 alone.

Cameo was recently worth $ 1 billion after raising $ 100 million from Google venture capital weapons, Amazon and Japanese Tech Giant Softbank.

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