TCL’s NXTWEAR G movie glasses could have been great

TCL's NXTWEAR G movie glasses could have been great

Let me ask you a question: Do you really want to buy a couple of personal cinema glasses? As great as they could be, they always feel like an artifact of a distopy that is not yet involved. When the air burns and the seas boil, can not be adjusted to a 40-inch HDTV on its existence support stem, so they will have to do. Just shout “aspirational”.

It does not help anyone, not Sony, welcoming, Royole or others, has managed to make this concept work. Personal cinemas, then, have replaced VR as going to each time someone needs to talk about a product that is perennially on the edge of the rupture, and has never done it. But, despite being a solution in search of a problem, and its historical suction, things may be about to change.

You see, TCL has been hitting with this particular door for years and now, you are preparing to launch your first model. The NXTWEAR G portable display glasses, resolve many of the problems that hindered previous attempts. They are not perfect, and you probably do not want to buy a couple now, but this is the closest thing that nobody has come to do this concept work.

The NXTwear G of TCL puts two small screens near your eyes to cheat it so that you think you are looking at a larger screen. Instead of fucking the glasses full of technology, TCL puts two screens, a pair of speakers and positioning accessories inside. That keeps the weight up to 130 grams very manageable (4.5 oz), much more friendly with the neck for long-term wear.

Everything else, including power, is handled by the device in which you plug, and the compatible hardware list is quite long. You can use Samsung, LG and OnePlus main phones, as well as more than 30 laptops and more than 25 tablets and 2 in 1. Essentially, TCL made an external plug and playback screen for your head that you must play well with any device USB-C equipped with compatible designs.

The company decided to swim compared to much of the wisdom received we have seen with other personal cinemas. Instead of trying to enclose the user in a black vacuum, all better to replicate that multiple feeling of the tenth screen at A-Mall-Model, TCL wants us to see the outside world. Even when I tried the prototype, in 2019, their representatives said that it should feel comfortable with this in public transport, interacting with people like you.

With each device with which I have tried them, you simply need to plug into NXTWEAR G and everything starts. If you are using a compatible TCL phone, you will get a pop-up window that you ask if you want to use the mirror mode or PC mode, which configures it within the Android desktop mode. Then, the phone acts as a touch panel to navigate your finger, although if you want to do more than Hunt-and-Peck, buy a keyboard and a Bluetooth mouse.

By connecting it to my MacBook Pro, and the machine recognized it as an external screen and I was able to work and watch television with my main screens off. In fact, I wrote a piece of this piece while I was inside this thing, even if I had to convert the zoom to angry levels to make sure everything was legible.

The NXTWEAR G PACKS A torque of 16: 9, 60Hz Micro-Oled 1080p shows that the company says it is the equivalent of a 140-inch screen. That requires the usual suspension of eye disbelief, but the effect works here, and speakers do their work well enough. It is worth saying that they are essentially that they are becoming audio in all directions, so take their Bluetooth headset if, let’s say, your partner really bothers you when you can hear it seeing Columbo when both are on the bed.

I do not know if you should wait for a pixel-perfect video quality of a pair of screens, but you should be recommended that you will not win your smartphone. Certainly, the HD video looks good, but the small of the screens means that it is really hard to see a good detail. The colors were washed, they were certainly compared with the images that are reproduced in the TCL 20 Pro 5G and MacBook Pro in which it was connected during the tests.

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