Google promotes the new 4k YouTube TV add-on with a free chromecast

Google promotes the new 4k YouTube TV add-on with a free chromecast

At the beginning of the week, Google announced that he was finally adding support for 4K streaming to YouTube TV. Now, the company is trying to attract existing YouTube TV Subscribers to enroll in the $ 20 monthly complement with a promotion hanging a free chromecast with Google TV.

A YouTube TV subscriber detailed the offer in a position in a forum seen by Droid’s life. “To ensure that our YouTube loyal TV members have a great visualization experience (including the ability to see 4K content in our new additional service, we would like to offer you a free chromecast with the Google TV device,” says the company In an email that was sent to some customers.

Taking advantage of the promotion involves visiting the Google store to “buy” the transmission device at no cost. As you might have guessed, supplies are limited, and the code is only valid for the white model. The good impression of email also establishes only those in the US. UU with an active Youtube TV subscription. In addition, you must have done at least a payment to Google. If you find the email in your inbox, you will have to redeem it before the end of the month. And if you already have a chromecast with Google TV, the code is not transferable.

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