Bungie will reveal what follows “Destiny 2 ‘on August 24.

Bungie will reveal what follows Destiny 2 'on August 24.

Destiny 2 fanatics will soon discover more about the future of the game. Bungie will hold a showcase on August 24, and although there are not many more specific details, it is very likely that the study reveals more details about the next expansion, Queen Witch.

An image of Teaser Bungie Shared gave some tips about what is in the store. Along with a slogan that reads “surviving the truth”, there is a symbol that has been linked to Savathun, the queen of Bruges Hive. Savathun is also known as the “queen of lies” and “the deceptive sister”, which certainly has a connection with the line of “surviving the truth”.

Bungie has been planting the seeds for a larger focus on Savathun in recent months, after the years of diverse, mock the character. Season 14 has seen the VEX that imposes the endless night about the last city, and (Spoiler’s warning) It seems that Savathun was behind everything. That gives credibility to Savathun rumors will be the main villain in the expansion of the queen of Bruges.

In addition, the study said in February that he would have more to share about “the witch queen and beyond” at the end of summer. The moment of the showcase coincides with that.

Earlier this year, Bungie delayed the witch queen to 2022, in part due to the impact of Covid-19. The study had been thinking about changing its annual expansions to the first half of each year anyway, “mainly for the health of the team”.

Meanwhile, the cross game is scheduled to go live next to season 15. We could learn more details about this important change during the showcase. The current season is scheduled to end the day of the event. Season 15 should start shortly after.

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