TOOFAAN titles the new releases this week on the Otti Platforms.

TOOFAAN titles the new releases this week on the Otti Platforms.

This weekend and the following days are huge for the OTT Indian platforms, especially for Amazon Prime India, since it has an unprecedented flow of the launch lines for its primordial day. His Biggie Malik is already transmitting, and the popular verdict is that she is a cookie of a movie.

The Torofaan film, very delayed and most anticipated from the combo of director Rakeysh Oprakash Mehra and actor Farhan Akhtar, is a main attraction for this weekend. And in our weekly recommendations, we have two Malayalam Chuzhal and Pathos films. There is also a Telugu web series called Kudi Yedamithee. Our weekly rounding also includes Tamil Flick Vaazhl, which has high hopes on it.

Synopsis: Malayalam’s cinema industry seems to have developed a fetish for thrillers with ghost elements in them. In the last two months, we have three different movies in that genre. The priest, the cold box and the Chathur Mukham fall into that category. It seems that Chuzhal also belongs to that club. The trailer of the film shows the story that happens in a resort in a mountain station. A group of people is afraid of what is happening. And then he takes over a voice of off, and says there is no ghost. Of course, it is intriguing. NEE STREAM, the Malayalam Ott platform, which has a good record of interesting backup films, will be transmitted. So there is an extra layer of slapped expectation in the film.

Synopsis: Thanks to the arrival of Ott platforms, some once classics are now available for the audience now. The director of ACE, Jayaraj, came up with a series of films as part of his Navarasa attempt. One of them in the series is Karunam, which, of course, means pateletism in English. He had a general launch in 2000 and was highly acclaimed, and collected some prizes in his wake.

Now, thanks to the roots of the Malayalam transmission platform, Karunam is being launched as some kind of partner’s part to the Jayaraj version of the series. Jayaraj Adbutham was not released in theaters when he was done. Now it has been collected by the roots. And Karunam would solve very well next to him. This is the story of an elderly couple, living in a plantation, waiting for his son from the United States. It is a disturbing and worrying movie.

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