Fashion is like the crazy hair dryer of Dyson’s $ 400, but it costs half half in Amazon

Fashion is like the crazy hair dryer of Dyson's $ 400, but it costs half half in Amazon

Can a hair dryer really feed $ 400 or even $ 500? Ask anyone who has tried the Dyson Supersonic and the answer will be more likely to be yes. This amazing modern wonder varies at the price of $ 400 to $ 500, depending on the version you choose. It is full of incredible technology that accelerates drying and style processes. It also protects your hair from damage to the process. And unlock many products for luxury hair care, it actually works. It’s fantastic!

The Dyson Supersonic is in fact an incredible hair dryer. But as we said, it is at a price out of reach of many people out there. The good news is that there is another phenomenal option, called the smart ionic hair dryer of Tineco Fashion. Check all the same boxes as the Dyson model when it comes to key features. It also happens that it will be on sale at this time, on Amazon for about half, as it will pay for a Dyson!

During the last months, I’ve been testing an Ionian hair dryer fashioned Tineco fashion that the company sent me. It is unequivocal the best dryer for the hair that I have tried in my life.

The first thing you need to know about this hair dryer is that it does not have high and low configurations. No, that’s because of the $ 20 model you get at your local pharmacy. Instead, fashion one captures temperature and humidity levels of hair 20 times per second. Constantly adjust your heat configuration and air flow in real time to avoid damage to your hair. Constant settings also accelerate the amount of time it takes to dry the hair.

That’s crazy!

Another associated feature is what Tineco calls “ILOOP SMART Sensor Technology”. Believe it or not, this feature makes it even more crazy. As you take the hair, the LED will shine red when the dryer detects moisture and starting heat. When that area of ​​your hair is dry, the LED turns blue and the air cools. You know immediately it is time to go to a new hair section. Tell all frizz and hair damage.

Tineco One fashion pumps millions of ions as the hair is dried, increasing the brightness in the process. It also comes with all the attachments you need, and get magnetically light. It is also light and much quieter than most hair dryers you have tried.

This is the total package and sold for $ 299, which is $ 100 less than its great rival. However, turn on one in the Amazon, and will pay only $ 230. That is a low price of all time! The Amazon $ 69 coupon is available both for bleeding and the color of mocha, and the first is my favorite. However, it is not necessary to say how long these coupons will be, so do not miss!

Here are the keys to carry:

Tineco Fashion An intelligent ion hair dryer is one of the most advanced hair dryers on the planet.

Measures the hair moisture levels and air temperature for 20 times per second.

The heat and the air flow are adjusted in real time as each section of the hair is dried

The LED ring indicator turns blue when it is time to move forward

Anion concentration technology releases millions of ions to help protect your hair and increase brightness.

Drying modes include manual, fresh, pet, children and eco mode

Mode An application allows you to connect to your smartphone

Light and ergonomic, ultravilled.

8.85 feet feeding cable

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