Samsung SmartThings Energy can monitor your energy consumption

Samsung SmartThings Energy can monitor your energy consumption

Global conditions seem to be conspiring to make us use more energy these days. The Covid-19 pandemic forced many people to stay at home, consuming more electricity until the days. Unusual and extreme weather conditions are also forcing many to light your heating or air conditioning more often than usual. In addition to increasing energy consumption and carbon footprint, these scenarios are also an increase in electricity bills. In light of that, Samsung’s new SMARTHINGS energy service wants to help customers reduce their expenses, and it begins simply knowing how much energy is using first.

A show of old children said once you know is half the battle, and the new Energy Service of SmartThings Intelligent Start Platform follows that philosophy. In its most basic energy, SmartThings, will allow users to control the amount of energy that their appliances consume energy, either individually or as a group. These are presented in easy-to-understand graphics and provide a better vision of your energy consumption, especially compared to the previous months or the target figures of a home.

Just know how much you are using, it will not automatically help save money, of course. In addition to presenting data, SmartThings Energy will also offer advice on how to reduce energy consumption better. Some could be councils of common sense, but others, as not superimpillating a refrigerator for a better air circulation, may not be as well known by most consumers.

Finally, SmartThings energy also alerts the owners when they are already spending too much power. This can happen through a simple increase in the use of the device or accidents such as leaving a device on when nobody is using it. The presumption is that people will make the necessary adjustments or, if possible, turn off the appliance remotely.

While SmartThings Energy sounds like a good strategy to reduce energy consumption and electricity bills, suffer from a fairly fatal failure. It supports Samsung’s smart devices and HVAC products, so its benefits will only be felt in a house full of Samsung products. The company plans to expand support for certified partners, but it would be better if said energy monitoring is backed by all devices and appliances that SMARTHINGS SPANDS SUPRESA.

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