Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders open today at 3 pm et

Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders open today at 3 pm et

If you want to secure the new OLED variant of the Nintendo switch before your October 8 launch date, now is your chance. In the USA UU, anticipated orders will open at 3 pm et today and we are already seeing the console on Best Buy, B & H, Gamestop and other retailers.

The newer switch comes with a larger, 7-inch OLED screen, as well as 64 GB of internal storage, redesigned support, “improved audio” and a new base that adds a LAN cable with cable. Nintendo will offer the $ 350 console in two colors in the launch: classic red and blue neon, and black and white.

What you will not find in this version of the switch is a new chipset. Before the announcement of the OLED model at the beginning of the month, there were reports that Nintendo planned to include an updated SOC with DLSS Tech of NVIDIA to allow the console to leave 4K games. That did not happen, but that is not to say that a “pro” switch is off the table.

If the OLED switch represents or not a lost opportunity, we hope that the console’s demand will easily exceed the offer. In May, the president of Nintendo, Shhuntaro Furukawa, told investors that the company was still contending with production problems, and the shortage of global semiconductors is not expected to end at any time.

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