‘Resident Evil Re: Verse’ gets a last minute delay at 2022

'Resident Evil Re Verse' gets a last minute delay at 2022

At this point, it is almost a surprise when a remarkable game scheduled for 2021 is not delayed. The last title to slide 2022 is the resident of Evil Re: Verse, the next multiplayer assumes the horror franchise. However, what stands out with this delay is that Capcom puts the release date on the ice, only one week or two before the game was supposed to fall.

“The release of July July July prior to the revision review of the RE: see is moving at 2022 so that the team can continue working to provide a game experience without problems,” the crew of the resident of evil in A Tweet. “We will share the updated launch details at a later time. Thank you for your patience and understanding.”

Re: Verse was announced as a freebie for those who possess the evil resident people. Capcom suggested those who have a physical copy of the village, keep your download code verse in a safe place or add it to your account so that they are ready to roll when the game ends.

Re: Verse is effectively a mode of death separately in which between four and six players chooses an evil resident and duke in short battles. When you die, you return like a zombie. The player with more points after five minutes wins.

The development of the game is a complex process where all kinds of things can go wrong. We have seen once more and time that delays are often necessary, especially in the middle of the impact of Covid-19. However, pushing back Re: verses for at least six months at the last minute is a curious case, however. A prolonged delay indicates that the game is not close to being ready despite the July launch window.

Although it is a complement for an evil resident game of the main series, the delay will be disappointing for those who expected to re: see. Even so, it is better to have a game that arrives late and run correctly from the jump instead of one who needs months of post-launch reviews and larger patches to crush the insects.

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