Elgato’s first webcam receives many things well

Elgato's first webcam receives many things well

Although it is still better known for your capture cards, Elgato is working to take over all its transmission configuration. The average of the average decade has seen the introduction of the line of the sequence cover to initiate macros easily during a transmission; Different types of lighting; And, last year, the first microphones of the company’s game. The only thing that is missing in this list was a webcam, until today’s introduction of the Faceca de Elgato.

On its surface, the $ 200 camera is not so unique. It is a thick rectangular box that can be easily trimmed at the top of a monitor, or connected to the Elgato Multi Mount System. Shoot 1080p to 60 fps, with a Sony Starvis CMOS sensor. It may not be 4K, but most serpentines do not need that kind of resolution at this time. The facecam compensates with a robust suite of configurations in its dedicated Hub Camera program. Yes, you will have to download another piece of software so that this camera is executed along with the capture of games, the sequence cover, the wave link (for the MICS) and the control center (for lighting), which is a little angry. Other companies involve all their different drivers and environments in a single tool, but I guess keep them separate, they are probably facilitating the sending of updates.

In the center of the camera, you will have easy access to things like contrast, exposure and white balance. (The last two can be configured by automatic so that you have one thing less to worry). The automatic white balance was a bit hot for my taste, but it was easy enough to turn it off and knock down the number to a 4000K cooler. The software also comes with zoom options, but it is nothing to write home, since the camera is fixed focal. It will always be sharp as long as it always remains between 12 inches (30 cm) and 47 inches (120 cm) of the camera. That should take care of anyone who works on a desk; Anyone who moves further back would be better served with something a little more portable with advanced configuration.

The greatest attractiveness of the center of the camera is the reading of ISO in real time, which makes it much easier to detect and react to changes in its lighting. Perhaps its lights are too bright, or maybe the natural light from the outside vanished with an approaching electrical storm (which is exactly what is happening as I write this). The exposure and white balance can be adjusted automatically, or you can modify the configuration configuration. There is a transmission cover complement available, which should allow adjusting the configuration with the Touch button of a button. Of course, that depends on having an intelligent lighting first, like the light of the elg key or the ring light.

There is a definitive sensation that it is intended to continue everything in the elgate line, probably better evidenced by the lack of a microphone in the faceCAM. The company says it did not bother, since most players tend to use headphones anyway, but let’s face: Elcato would prefer to pick up one of its waves: 1 U wave: 3 MICS. In fact, they sound very well, but they are not my favorite microphones thanks to some problems I had with which it will work: 3 to work while carrying a headset, yes, even one made by the Elgato parent company.

For the most part, FaceCam has much less Kinks. My biggest problem was plugged in it, as it should be plugged into your system directly and not through a center. And that is difficult with many modern laptops, which can only have two USB-c ports. The facecam comes with a USB-C cable to USB-A, and the company recommends that you use the included cable instead of providing yours. He saw me forced to look for a converter dongle. While I congratulate companies so that they are finally embodied by USB-C in their game accessories, we need some solutions on the side of the software to make sure they can actually use with concentrators. My Logitech C920 works with a center and comes with a built-in microphone, so it is likely to continue with my default webcam for most purposes.

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