‘Loki’ shakes the status quo of Marvel’s kinematic universe

'Loki' shakes the status quo of Marvel's kinematic universe

In case you have not heard before, Loki will return during the two season, and thank God: the end did not resolve much, if something resolved. Well, we made find out who was pulling the ropes behind the authority of time variance and why, but he really served as an introduction to a villain who is scheduled to make the next appearance of him in the ant and wasp: Quantumania .

However, Loki never felt like an extended prequel, well, nothing. It has been a spectacle that is maintained largely by itself, one that forged a unique identity other than everything else in Marvel’s kinematic universe, including Thor’s films. After all, this is not the Loki, we spent eight years looking on the screen. This was created in 2019 in the center of the Avengers: EndGame, a variant that so far is walking on a free ASGard road and all that Pessy Avengers business.

And so, Loki, the show also paved his own road, nor did he really trusted too much about the knowledge of the films beyond the first and last films of Avengers. You could walk to the series, meeting both the destination of Loki and the Loki variant and get away after the first season knowing so little. The end was interesting because, for the first time, I have no idea how a Marvel show adjusts to the greater scheme of things. And as he stays, I think it’s a bit exciting.

One thing that has been true by all Marvel shows has that we have always generally known where they are supposed to calm in the biggest universe. Originally, shield agents were intended to be a way of being a way that the lateral stories of the Marvel cinematographic universe thrive, but for a time they were treated as a place to turn the leftovers of the film. Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and the iron fist were originally aimed at configuring the Limited Defenders series. Wandavision was a prequel for the strange doctor and the multiverse of madness, while the falcon and the winter soldier did the character of the character for the next film by Captain America.

But Loki, besides wrapping a loose thread of the end, is not tied to anything, especially the next projects. They do not even name the man behind the curtain, he is alone “the one that remains”. And he has killed at the end of the episode, which means that we always see him from this point, he is technically a different person; Another cosmic iteration of the same idiot. The fans of the comics know that he is destined to be Kang the conqueror, but that great revelation is yet to come, because the man we met is not a conqueror. He was a cosmic bureaucrat.

The conqueror, although insinuated at the end of Loki, will make his first full appearance at the beginning of 2023. You will not remember the events that are displayed in the Disney + show since it was not really there, which means that the movie will ignore completely to all. We learned here, or explain it to the audience again. Loki’s prior knowledge should not and most likely need.

That leaves the season two of Loki free to do almost anything he wants. It is unlikely that the man who seems to be in charge of the TVA is even close to the same man that Scott Lang and Hope Pym will have to get involved, since we are dealing with a multiverse of possibilities. He pulls the next Doctor Strange film in a little uncertainty, since in our original line of original time he was supposed to be released in May. Was we supposed to see the debut of the Multiverse before we saw its origin? Or will there be any other cosmic key to mess up the more things for the MCU? Many things that seemed inevitable when all these projects were originally announced, now they have thrown into uncertainty.

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