Important Tasks Most People Forget to Do Before Going on Extended Vacations

Going on Extended Vacations

Picture yourself sitting in first-class on a plane on your way to Hawaii… Then just imagine laying on the beach sipping on your margarita while soaking up the sun… Now, picture the shock on your face when you get an alert on your phone that your home was broken into.

Instances like that make you not want to leave your home for fear that someone might break-in. The thing to understand about home burglaries is that they’re not necessarily avoidable but there are preventive measures we could have done to lower the chances of a home burglary from happening.

According to, home burglaries happen every 26 seconds, believe it or not, and they typically happen in the middle of the day! So while you’re out on your five-year anniversary trip visiting the most romantic places in India, intruders are breaking and entering your home rummaging through your valuables… If only you’d taken the time out to really make sure your home was secure before leaving, maybe that wouldn’t have happened.

Hopefully, this event never happens to you, but in the event that you have a vacation coming up soon, whether it’s a short trip or an extended vacation, here are some tasks you don’t want to leave home without doing first.

Important Tasks You Must Do (or Not Do) Before Going on Vacation

Do: Leave Your Lights On

For a short trip, leaving your lights on is pretty feasible because you won’t be gone long. But for extended trips of five days or more, people tend to turn off their lights and thermostats so that they won’t have an astronomical energy bill when they return… Well, the theory behind their reasoning makes sense, but by leaving everything off, it gives burglars the green light to break-in because they know no one is home.

If you’re that concerned about your energy bill getting on the expensive side while you’re gone, why not consider just switching electricity sources altogether and sign up for clean energy? This will not only lower your electric bill while you’re gone but it will lower your electric bill in general, whether you’re on vacation or not because the electricity is generated from renewable resources.

Don’t: Post On Social Media That You’re On Vacation While On Vacation

This may be hard to do because when you’re on vacation, all you want to do is take videos and pictures and post them to your social media accounts in the moment. But when you do this, you just never know who is reading and watching your posts, and who may get the bright idea to come and ransack your home while you’re out living the life.

If you have it in you, refrain from posting videos and pictures from your vacation until you’re back at home. That way in case someone does try to burglarize your home, you’ll be there to report it or the burglar will see that you’re home and won’t even attempt it.

Do: Ask a Trusted Neighbor and Family Member to Keep an Eye On Your Home

Before you go on vacation, you want to always ask a neighbor you trust to keep an eye on your home since they live in close proximity to you. You want to also ask a family member that same favor just so it looks like the house is still being occupied. In fact, you can leave your family member a key and have them come in and water the plants every couple of days just to make sure everything is still in place and looks good.

While you’re on vacation, you don’t want to be worrying about the state of your home and if it’s been burglarized. Take the necessary steps to ensure your home is secured before you leave so that your worries can be alleviated. You may also want to consider investing in a home security system… Not just for vacations but for home safety in general.

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