How to Find Reliable Girls PG in Delhi

Reliable Girls PG

Whether you are a student or a young professional, finding reliable paying guest accommodation can sometimes be a challenge. How do you bring together a place that covers all your lifestyle needs, offers you safety and quality, and is affordable to boot? With thousands of unorganized accommodation options, especially in a crowded city like Delhi, finding a place to call home can be a tall order. Drawing up a solid checklist is definitely a good place to start your search to find reliable girls PG in Delhi.

Don’t Fall In The ‘Cheapest’ Trap:

Budget is a key deciding factor when it comes to renting a place, but make sure it is not the only factor. Since you will be living in close quarters to others and your entire schedule will depend on where you stay, it is a good idea to invest in accommodation that fulfills your requirements. After all, it is not only an investment into a living space but also yourself and your peace of mind. Do you like more privacy? Does a long commute scare you? How about ticking off those basic amenities that will at least ensure that you don’t have to worry about poorly constructed buildings, cramped living spaces, unreliable housekeeping and more? So, it is critical to keep a slightly flexible budget, even if you don’t splurge on a space

The Food Factor:

This one can be a deal-breaker. Good quality food is a basic right. While one isn’t quite expecting a gourmet meal in a PG accommodation, everyone should be able to eat healthy and hygienic food. Ask the other residents about the meal arrangements, do online research to get reviews. Professionally managed accommodations facilities like Stanza Living have adopted a hospitality-led approach to resident meals. From chef-designed menus focusing on health and variety to hygienic cooking in FSSAI-licensed kitchens – they’ve adopted a comprehensive approach to ensure food should be the last of your worries.


Connectivity should be an important parameter when you are choosing a girls’ PG in Delhi. The distance and travel time in Delhi can be quite unforgiving, so look for PGs that are located in convenient proximity to your college or office. Typically, PG hubs grow around education and commercial areas but the space you find must check on parameters like quality, comfort and affordability. It also helps to find a place that is well connected to transport networks, has lifestyle conveniences (shops, hospitals, recreational spaces) nearby and scores high on safety and security.

PG Rules:

While many PGs have stopped monitoring curfew time, there are quite a few who still consider it a key rule. If you are a working professional, chances are that there will be extended timelines and late nights at work. You cannot compromise on your work because of your PG curfew and need to get that sorted beforehand with the PG owners. Similarly, as an adult, you might not want to be monitored or feel that your independence is being hampered. Make sure that you are on the same page as your landlord or PG authorities vis-à-vis any house rules so that it doesn’t lead to any concerns later.

We are amidst the pandemic and choosing the right PG is important not only for your convenience but for your health & safety as well. While rental accommodations seem like the go-to option when you’re looking for independent living, a professionally managed accommodation facility is the more convenient, cost-friendly, and safe option.  No longer do you need to compromise with a local PG/hostel situation that makes you run from pillar to post for amenities. With professionally managed accommodation operators, you can be assured of quality solutions that cover everything from spacious, well-designed rooms to lifestyle services like good food, frequent housekeeping, laundry services, internet facilities, security solutions, maintenance and more. Not having to worry about each element of your living space will help you find a dependable second home in a new city.

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