Amazon hopes to track your sleeping habits with radar

Amazon hopes to track your sleeping habits with radar

The last Google Nest Center may not be the only device to track your dream using the radar. Bloomberg informs that Amazon has received an exemption from FCC to let it use a 60 GHz radar for sleep tracking. As with Google technology, you can verify sleeping problems without having to use a device like the halo band.

Technology could also be used for gesture navigation, particularly for people with mobility or speech disabilities that would prevent them from using conventional commands. Amazon was not shy about drawing comparisons to Google: the company cited the radar of pixel 4 by asking for the resignation.

Amazon did not provide many tracks about the products that would use radar tracking, but described devices such as “non-mobile”. In other words, they are more likely to be eco devices that monitor their rest from their bedside table.

It is not safe when Amazon could send hardware equipped with radar, although the recent echo exhibition is launched without that team suggests that it could be waiting for a while.

Amazon has strong incentives to update its devices line. In addition to the competition with Google, the Internet giant is making a great impetus in health between halo and services such as Amazon Pharmacy. Radar-based sleep tracking could make ECHO a valuable health tool, not just a practical partner to play music or control your intelligent home.

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