ICYMI: We spent a time with Apple’s 15 beta.

ICYMI We spent a time with Apple's 15 beta.

Apple’s iOS 15 is scheduled to release this fall, and this week we have a practice with its public beta. According to Cherlynn Low, iPhone users have a lot to wait later this year. Meanwhile, Nicole Lee configured both the 8 and 5-inch echo shows in her house to review Amazon’s updates, and says that the Eco 8 show is now much improved for video calls. In addition, Daniel Cooper found a lot that he will like Lenovo Legion 5, but admits that the laptop comes with some commitments.

After spending a few weeks, try the latest iOS 15 features, including Fustplay and Focus modes, Cherlynn Bajo concluded that Apple lovers will have a lot of new things to try this autumn. As most changes are already available, it may not be surprising that the beta is quite complete. While trying the game game, Cherlynn found some minor failures. It was difficult to discover how to access the function initially because the options are only displayed when a compatible media application is open during a chat. And both parties will need a subscription to transmit together at Apple TV + or Apple music.

In particular, to Cherlynn, in particular, the focus modes, which allow users to create custom profiles that only allow notifications of selected applications or people through. She can also choose a home screen that will only show the applications you want. In this mode, she will not see any other page, only the drawer of the applications and the screen today, maintaining distractions to a minimum.

Other updates include live text, which scans photos for usable text as foreign words in a menu to translate; Richer and more detailed maps; Better Spotlight search and share with you, which consolidates the media, your friends send it. Cherlynn said there is much more to explore in the climate, safari and wallet applications that should give fans a flavor of complete release. She also spent time with the New Watches 8 Beta, which offers more health and fitness tools, improved communication and better integration with appliances connected to the Apple watch.

Amazon did not change much in the new SHOW show 8 and $ 85 of $ 129, and Nicole Lee says it’s okay. The two devices avoid the rotating screen found in the Eco 10 show and stay largely from what worked on previous models: minimalist design, an environmental light sensor to adjust the brightness and color temperature and a shutter of the camera for privacy. The Eco 8 show has a resolution screen of 1,280 x 800, while the show 5 has a screen of 960 x 480, and the latter is clearly intended as more than one bedside table. Nicole was particularly pleased by the quality of the sound in the Eco 8 show, which she delivered a low consumption and an impressive volume.

And, because it now has an octan-core processor and a 13 megapixel wide-angle camera, the Echo 8 show is now more useful for video calls. The camera also has panorama technology and digital zoom so you can follow it during video calls, although in the experience of Nicole, this took a few seconds to start. But the Show 8 will not be better for all your video needs, as it lacks natives. YouTube, as well as the support transmission for Disney +, Paramount + and HOM HBO. If you are already in the Amazon ecosystem, she says that the Eco 8 show offers the greatest value for the money, but if you are looking for something similar to an alarm clock, the show 5 is a better option.

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