YouTuber Repair Switch Joy-Con Drift Problems with Paper

YouTuber Repair Switch Joy-Con Drift Problems with Paper

Every Nintendo Switch fan that has a controller who suffers from the drift drift problem knows how frustrated the problem is. The Joy-Con Drift problem occurs when the character on the screen moves even when there is no pressure applied to analog joystick. The drift problem can make some games almost impossible to play.

So far, Nintendo does not help correct problems and reluctant to replace some affected controllers. Nintendo’s reluctance and widespread nature of this problem have caused several lawsuits. For anyone who suffers from a drift problem, the YouTube channel called the VK channel has shown a very simple solution for the problem of drift controller.

A video posted to yesterday’s channel shows that the pressure on the case controller eliminates the drift problem. The repair involves opening the joy-con controller case and insert a piece of paper or a small carton of approximately 1 millimeter in size where analog stick is located.

According to the video, repairs function on the switch and switch the light console. Videos are not long, and repairs are not difficult to apply. The entire length of the video was 7:31 seconds, with some time it was allocated to explain what floated. Instructions about fixing the problem begins at the second sign 5:55.

While repairs are reported to solve the problem of drift control, anyone planning to solve their excitement, open must know that it is likely to cancel the warranty. That would mean that Nintendo should come out with official improvements; You might not meet the requirements. Along by compiling improvements to the problem of drift, the video also found the exact cause of the drift controller. It seems that the branch in the controller loses contact with bearings from time to time. A piece of paper or cardboard which is pushed in pressing the contact that resolves the problem.

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