Researchers make accurate systems for calculating calories burning during exercise

Researchers make accurate systems for calculating calories burning during exercise

One of the challenges for those who exercise and watch what they eat in an effort to lose weight is to know exactly how many calories are burned during exercise. There are many applications and devices that can be used, such as Apple Watch and Fitbit, which claims to show the number of calories burned during exercise. The problem is that the calorie calculation system is often very inaccurate, making it difficult to calculate calories in and calories with accuracy.

The engineer from Stanford University has developed a new calorie burning management system that is described as small, inexpensive, and accurate. One of the most interesting aspects of this device is that people can make devices that can be used themselves. Researchers about the project said that smartwatch and smartphones that can be used can be turned off by 40 to 80 percent when it comes to calculating burnt calories during activity.

The system developed in Stanford is only a 13 percent error. The researchers tested their compact system with various groups of participants representing the US population and found a very good performance calorie calculation tool, with only one third of Smartwatch errors. During the study, the team could understand the basic problems with other used calories counters who found that errors were introduced because they rely on the movement of the wrist or heartbeat.

The problem with relying on wrist movements or heartbeat is that no one specifically shows energy expenditure. The team found that Lake Motion said more, and the experiment confirmed it was true. The device that can be used they need two small sensors to wear on the foot along with portable batteries and microcontrollers. The system costs around $ 100 to be made, and the researchers make a list of components and the code needed for a freely available system.

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