Women can choose to stay fit and healthy longer: Some tips to help you age with grace

Although age is merely a number, it is important that women stay fit and healthy as they go through age-related changes in their lives. These changes could be physiological or emotional and can impact well-being.

Diet, exercise, proper hydration, and sleep are important aspects of a self-care routine that will help you as you age. If you are a woman who stays healthy, both physically and mentally, you can retain your grace and attractiveness quotient. Read on for some tips to help you age gracefully.

  • Keep an eye on your BMI

Maintaining healthy body weight is not about looking good but staying healthy and a good self-care routine will ensure that your body mass index (BMI) is in the right category. Use the BMI calculator for women, available on Finserv MARKETS, to gauge if you are the right weight and make changes to your lifestyle accordingly. If you have a BMI of above 30 it indicates that you are obese. A healthy BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9.

  • Never skip breakfast

To maintain the right BMI, first things first, never skimp on breakfast. Missing breakfast or grabbing a slice of bread in a hurry before dashing out won’t help much. A healthy breakfast that has fiber, vitamins, and nutrients will help you stay energetic for the rest of the day.

  • Steer clear of processed foods, sugar

Cut back on salt, processed foods, and simple sugars. If you ensure that at least 10 to 15 percent of your overall calorie consumption comes from protein, you will be able to keep your weight down.

  • Stack up on fruits and veggies

As women age and enter the perimenopausal or menopausal phase, it becomes all the more important to consume foods that are rich in calcium, vitamins and fiber. Make sure to include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet and avoid any trigger foods such as burgers or fries. Snack on nuts or healthy foods instead.

  • Work out to stay fit

Ensure a proper exercise regimen that will boost your aerobic and cardiovascular capacity. You should exercise for at least 20 to 30 minutes every day, be it in the form of a quick walk, a run, or other forms of exercise like Zumba, pilates etc. A session of yoga, for instance, helps you stay flexible and fit. Exercise not only keeps you physically fit but also mentally fit. It also ensures that you stay graceful as you age.

  • Be mindful, keep stress at bay

Include some form of mindfulness practice such as meditation, breathing exercises or guided imagery to relax and keep stress and anxiety away from your life. A stress-free and relaxed mind will ensure that you stay healthy, calm, and in control as you age.

  • Sleep your way to good health

Get adequate sleep. Sleeplessness can lead to health issues such as heartburn or cardiovascular diseases among others. As you age, you would need to sleep enough to stay healthy and fit. Stay away from gadgets and social media at least an hour before you sleep.

  • Never miss your water quota

Get enough water. Drinking a minimum of eight glasses a day not only keeps you hydrated but also keeps your joints well lubricated, checks infections and boosts sleep, mood, and your ability to focus and concentrate. All these are very important as you age.

While you follow all these steps, don’t forget to buy health insurance, available on Finserv MARKETS. The importance of an appropriate health insurance plan as you age can’t be stressed enough, especially in times when medical costs are increasing. These plans cover hospitalization and medical costs, apart from pre-hospitalization care and daycare costs as well. With an ideal health insurance plan, you can keep worries at bay and lead a stress-free life.

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