Barbarian Magnet:

The Barbarian magnet is an overall fishing magnet.


  1. AllroundBarbarian fishing magnet:

This implies that this strong fishing magnet has an attractive pulling power on all sides of the magnet. Numerous magnets just have attractive fascination at the lower part of the magnet, which diminishes the opportunity of getting.

This isn’t the situation with our Barbarian restrictive fishing magnet, since this magnet is made of 100% neodymium and along these lines has an attractive field molded like a ball around the magnet. This makes the magnet more delicate, yet with this magnet, you are guaranteed of an ideal getting possibility. Would you like to secure the select magnets against chipping/harm? investigate our defensive covers.

  1. Restrictive Barbarian fishing magnet:

The Barbarian fishing magnet is the bigger replacement to the notable Fear magnet. The Barbarian fish magnet has an extra-enormous size and is considerably thicker than the Fear magnet. This makes it Savage Solid. Since the magnet is heavier, it sinks additional profound into the mud/sediment. This permits the magnet to arrive at more profound articles. Be careful, this is no a drop in the bucket! This fishing magnet is ground-breaking to such an extent that you need to utilize this magnet deliberately.

This magnet isn’t appropriate for kids! The magnet has an unimaginably solid attractive fascination and will, in this manner, draw in all attractive articles from a far distance. This Monster magnet, hence, has no trouble in fishing objects, regardless of whether the particles are round, corroded, or lie lowered into the sediment. When purchasing a few in number magnets, we suggest that you use them at a sensible separation from one another and store them away from one another.

  1. High Caliber:

Our fishing magnets are made of the best neodymium. Along these lines, our Barbarian magnets hold their referenced attractive pulling power, and just 1% is lost in 100 years. This is rather than most other magnet suppliers whose magnets as of now shows pull strength misfortune following half a month. Right now there are an ever-increasing number of awful magnets showing up, magnets with lesser quality neodymium: this to bring down the cost and make the magnet look greater.

If you purchase such a magnet, you end up disillusioned and transforms a deal into a costly purchase. Every one of our magnets is drawn, planned, and made without anyone else to empower you to recover the majority of the fortunes from the base. We test our Barbarian magnet with proficient hardware so the pulling power is ensured. Through our own fishing experience, we realize what are the best item properties for side interest magnet fishing and this is reflected in our high caliber, ground-breaking and solid fishing magnets.

Our neodymium magnets are exceptionally ground-breaking and can hit iron articles fast when they approach them. You would prefer not to get your fingers in the middle. With the more grounded magnets in our reach, it is even conceivable that it could break, break or rankle your fingers if your fingers get trapped in the middle. So consistently handle the magnets with care: use is at your danger.

  1. Additional Information:

The positive responses to our In-your-face and Dread inspired us to build up another superpower, THE Barbarian fishing magnet! THE Barbarian magnet is much more extraordinary than our Bad-to-the-bone and Dread magnet. The Barbarian fishing magnet isn’t solid, yet Brutal Solid something to be frightened of! This achieves extra risks. Handle this magnet with outrageous consideration and get it far from youngsters.

  • All-round expanded attractive fascination.
  • Wonderful projecting weight
  • Allround 4 x 350 kg ≈ 1400kg/4 x 770 lb ≈ 3080 lb
  • Fits onto our attractive spike
  • Direct attractive surface
  • Very solid
  • M8 association
  • Alert required, not contained in a defensive lodging
  • Accessible with defensive cover
  • Not reasonable for youngsters: 18+!
  • Suggested rope: 10mm
  • Measurements: Additional huge 80 x 50mm !!

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