Payment Management And Staff Attendance- All In One App

Payment Management And Staff Attendance- All In One App

As lockdown rules are being gradually relaxed, offices have resumed full-time functioning and businesses have once again begun embarking on newer projects. Since the inflow of new work introduces added responsibilities, the presence of a payment management and staff attendance app becomes necessary for every business owner and employer to keep an eye on employees and streamlined maintenance of the online business.

With very many random software meant for different purposes flooding the market, it can become problematic for SMEs or large corporate houses to monitor various expenses relevant to their staff. Manually tracking salaries or wages on an annual or on a monthly, weekly, daily, hourly basis can be extremely hectic.

Here comes the need to bring a payment management and staff attendance app to fruition. These apps are primarily mobile-responsive solutions that take charge of all functions related to staff and salary in a split second.

Salient features of the app

  • It can be easily managed. Through the salary app earning/wages/compensations can be calculated and stored at a monthly, weekly, daily, hourly periodicity.
  • It can control all matters related to attendance such as full-day, half-day, absent, overtime in one solitary set-up.
  • It can automatically do calculations of upcoming or pending salaries and update the same with every passing date.
  • It maintains 100% precision when it comes to computation of salaries or supervision of attendance.
  • It allows you to download attendance records, salary slips, and other associated reports in PDF format.
  • It comes with 100 percent security.
  • It preserves all data and automatically keeps a backup that may be needed in case you damage or misplace your device.
  • It offers a round-the-clock customer support helpline to provide guidance through its management process and usage.
  • It comes for free.

4 important elements the app must have

  1. Ease of use

The app for online business needs to be simple so that business owners and their employees can use it effortlessly. The essence of such apps must have a deep-seated connection with human-centric design and customer empathy.

  1. Trustworthiness

The operation of payment management and staff attendance apps must have absolute transparency. Through this attendance and salary app business owners and employees will be able to access valuable information from anywhere.

  1. Automation

It’s quite evident that small-to-medium business owners have a lot of work in hand and remain extremely busy throughout the day because of their online business dealings. This is the reason why automation in recording the attendance or calculating the salary for all employees is integrated into the apps.

  1. Financial Independence

With the regular use of an attendance and salary app, it’s possible to bring in financial independence, especially for blue-collar workers. The apps have helped several thousand workers to receive their salary slips for the first time in their lives.

Benefits of the app for your online business

  • It helps maintain transparency between business owners and employees.
  • It eliminates the need to have multiple ledgers.
  • It helps build assurance and nurture employee relationships with the company besides eradicating trust issues.
  • It helps give timely reminders pertaining to any pending transaction, outstanding payment, or upcoming salaries.
  • This type of attendance and salary app is the most effective way to gain the respect of staff members and sustain long-term loyalty.
  • It helps save lots of time by automatically calculating all transactions.
  • It helps nullify the trouble involved in carrying out pen and paper accounting work.
  • It helps keep an offline record of all digital payments for future monitoring and reference.


To cut a long story short, an attendance and a salary app will come to your aid in:

  • Tracking the daily attendance of your staff
  • Computing the salary of your staff with complete breakup
  • Calculating and keeping a record of advance and bonus payments
  • Sending instant alerts through WhatsApp
  • Downloading or sharing salary deduction report via WhatsApp regardless of time and location


Download the app for your online business free of cost to keep a track of day-to-day attendance, instant calculation of salary with a comprehensive break-up, and full, automatic data backup of staff credentials.

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