What to Choose: Mim or mba?

What to Choose Mim or mba

There are diverse options in the present time to enhance your career and get ahead in your profession. But at times, it gets hard to understand what to pick and why. Of course, mba, as an example, has been a popular option when it comes to enriching your portfolio. However, have you ever thought about mim?

You know, one of the reasons mim is not really a household name like mba is that it is a mainly European program. Of late though, the program is accumulating traction in other parts of the world such as us, Canada, Australia and even india. In the US, b-schools offer you mim programs that are quite promising in terms of proper exposure and employability.

Should you go for a mim or an mba?

Make sure that you keep the following points in mind when you choose which option is better for you mim or mba. After all, MIM vs MBA has always been there for candidates.

Do you have any work experience?

The biggest difference between an mim and that of an mba is the eligibility of recent graduates. Mim programs are targeted at individuals fresh out of university. Even the London business school suggests candidates that mim as an option for people who have less than one year of work experience. However, it is not that the mim is primarily for freshers only, the mim program is open for both the experienced and newcomers alike.

On the other side , relevant and extensive work experience (three years or more depending on the program) is a great factor when applying for an mba program. The interview, essays and letters of recommendation are all significant parts of the application process that will focus on your work experience and extracurricular activities.

Age factor

Then the mim program has been specifically designed as a launch pad for early careers and many of the applicants are younger than that of 25. The application process requires little to absolutely no work experience and the focus is mainly on your aspirations for a leadership position in your industry. However, the mba program is aimed at candidates with significant work experience. So, it is noteworthy to understand that the mba graduates have an average age of 27 years.

 Career goals

When it comes to mim, it is meant for individuals who wish to begin their business career in top Co’s. On the other hand, most mba candidates look for a career upgrade; they incline to get a higher salary or want to change their field of work.

The job openings

An mim degree from a good college can offer you entry-level positions in good companies. Not bad for a first full-time job of yours. An mba, on the other hand, is going to make you eligible for mid-level management positions. So, you can make your mind accordingly. After all, you need to decide where you want to start off your career from.


To sum up, it is true that mim programs are cheaper, broader, and somewhat have lower barriers to entry for young graduates. It has been seen that 90-95 per cent of recent mim graduates attain a job in the first three months and 89 per cent of them get a job in the nation where they studied.

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