How to Stop Loose Motions

How to Stop Loose Motions

Loose motions can be a terrible experience. They hamper your lifestyle and don’t allow you to carry out your daily activities. As soon as you experience your first symptom, your first reaction is how to stop loose motions. You would want to download a medical consultation  app that allows you to speak to an expert to get rid of these loose motions.

Loose motions is a common condition that may last for a couple of days or so. If they last for a longer time, it may be a case of diarrhea that can cause severe dehydration. It is important to understand that diarrhea and loose motions are different conditions. Diarrhea results in repeated watery stools while loose motions are caused due to the intestinal tract getting inflamed. Symptoms of loose motions include:

  • Undefined shape of stools
  • Stomach cramps or aches
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Soft stools
  • Fever
  • Dehydration

Loose motions aren’t something to be worried about as they are usually curable at home. Loose motions usually result in dehydration and the first step towards treating them is increasing fluid intake to compensate for the loss. If you are wondering for more ways on how to stop loose motions, the following measures can be taken as well:

  • Medication: If you have recurring episodes of loose motions, consult a doctor on an online doctor app to get prescribed medication. Make sure to get an expert’s advice on your condition and not self-treatment.
  • Avoiding food triggers: Foods that induce acidity such as cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower must be avoided at all costs. In addition to acidic foods, avoiding spicy foods and foods containing sugar or caffeine plays a vital role in stopping loose motions. Other types of food to avoid are dairy products, complex proteins, fast food and alcoholic beverages.
  • Foods to consume: The best foods to consume are bananas, rice, apples and toast. These foods are easy to digest and help in binding foods and cause solid motions. Other foods to include in your diet are bread, apple juice, oats, crackers and porridge.
  • Staying hydrated: Hydration plays a key role in treating loose motions. Liquids rich in electrolytes such as coconut water, juices, clear soups and vitamin water are examples of liquids that one must consume in order to stop loose motions.
  • Consuming probiotics: Probiotics aid in maintaining healthy levels of good bacteria in the guts and intestines. Improving gut health helps in improving digestion that leads to treating loose motions. Foods rich in probiotics are kimchi, cottage cheese, kefir, green olives and aged soft cheese.

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