wedding videography in Melbourne

wedding videography in Melbourne

Planning for a wedding can be a stressful endeavor. But, when it comes to wedding videography, there are primarily three main wedding videography disciplines that brides can discover that one fulfill their precise expectation much better than the next. These three styles are done in raw, creative, and professional techniques. While each is very different from one another, they can all be equally fun to shoot and to have captured on film. Here is a look at these three videography disciplines that brides should look into when trying to find the wedding videography style that is perfect for their special day.

Raw shots – This is done without editing. It is raw because everything is shot in the time frame that they are captured. This might include actual events happening during the ceremony, background music played throughout, and candid shots of everyone at the wedding venues. To make a more personalized and powerful day, raw wedding videography in Melbourne are better used in black and white. The effects of color and grain can over emphasize certain parts and ruin others, so it is best to keep everything in black and white to cut down on any problems.

Coastal Line – This is one of the most intimate and true to life styles of wedding videography in Melbourne. It is done entirely out of the window with only the sounds of the waves and the passersby heard. Everything is caught with a camera on the shore out of the window. It captures everything from the moments leading up to the wedding bell ringing through the air to the seconds afterwards when it hits the floor. Many filmmakers use this style in the city’s eastern beach, the Diamantina Beach area, and along the coastal line of the city.

Geelong Botanical Gardens – This is another favorite among those who want to capture the beauty of the botanical gardens in their videos. The city has several parks, public spaces, and even the feeling botanical gardens that are beautiful during the daylight hours. However they get very busy at certain times like the end of the summer and at other times of the year. A lot of weddings are held in these areas because of their visual appeal, privacy, and being close to the beach.

The Royal Exhibition Building – This is the oldest and largest of the Melbourne hotels. You can book one of the many studios in the area if you want the most true to life experience that you can get with your wedding video. At the Royal Exhibition Building you can have the luxury of overlooking the city and having your guests set up in their own chairs while you walk down the aisle. This is a wonderful location for a real wedding videography in Melbourne.

The Dandenong Ranges – Another popular choice when it comes to wedding videography in Melbourne is the beautiful dandenong ranges. There are a lot of historical buildings in this area that can be used for a couple’s ceremony. The dandenongs range is also perfect for a more intimate wedding ceremony with only your bridal party and close family members witnessing the event. The buildings in the area have been refurbished in order to provide a gorgeous setting for any wedding ceremony or reception.

Mornington Peninsula – Another one of the many options that you have for wedding videography in Melbourne is the Mornington Peninsula. This place offers a lot of different venues and all of them offer breathtaking views of the water and the surrounding area. It is preferred by people who prefer outdoor weddings because of the clear and beautiful views. The dunes are a big hit with wedding parties and honeymooners alike because of the scenery.

Yarra Valley – This location has been chosen by a lot of couples because of the incredible views. It is also ideal for daytime wedding videography, because there is no twilight zone where the sun or the moon can get in. This makes it an excellent choice for afternoon weddings or even afternoons. Many people also like the intimate ambiance that the yarra valley has to offer. If you are looking for a quiet and romantic place for your wedding day, you definitely need to consider taking your wedding videography in Melbourne to this area.

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