Verizon’s call filtering application now blocks the counterfeit of the area code

Verizon's call filtering application now blocks the counterfeit of the area code

Forged scam calls are bad enough, but the falsification of the neighborhood is worse: everything can be too tempt to respond when you see a strange number similar to your own. Verizon (currently the Engadget matrix company) could have a solution. You are updating your free call filter application with a “neighborhood filter” that blocks calls from the numbers that share the area code and the prefix. The scammers trying to reach you will go directly to voice mail.

You can specify other neighborhood numbers if you know the artists of this scam use them, as long as you pay $ 3 per month for the call filter plus. And yes, you can make exceptions. Any number on your list of contacts or allowed numbers will still be obtained, and you can correct an accident block when you tell the application to ignore the filter for future calls.

The updated application is now available for Android and iOS. The neighborhood filtering is not the most sophisticated defense against scam calls, but it is possibly behind. This type of spamming is frequent, to the point where you could get several calls per day. A simple filter could lead to many less discomfort, not to mention greater confidence in those calls that enter.

Verizon owns the company Matrix of Engadget, Verizon Media. Quantity of rest, Verizon has no control over our coverage. Engadget is still editorially independent.

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