The Railway System of Iran fell prey from a cyberattack this weekend.

The Railway System of Iran fell prey from a cyberattack this weekend.

Iran faced his own cyberatack song this weekend. Reuters and the Guardian report that the train train system and Iran transport websites suffered a “cyber interruption” (according to state media) on the weekend. The portal sites went out, although it is not clear how bad the train system were affected. The officials affirmed that only the trains exhibits were committed to false messages, but the FARS news agency stated that there were “unprecedented chaos” that included cancellations and delays.

The sites and train systems returned to normal from Monday morning.

He is not sure who was behind the attack, although the Minister of Telecommeria Mohammad Javad Azari-Jahromi alerted people to the threat of ransomware if they did not address security vulnerabilities. Iran historically has blamed some cybernetics in the United States and Israel, although ransomware is more often the work of criminal organizations.

The United States and other countries have typically fixed Cyberatacks in Iran, and both parties have participated in a relatively quiet digital war. However, it is not clear that it is the cause here, this could represent the “ordinary” hackers that exploit weak points in Iran’s infrastructure, either to earn money or create havoc.

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