Twitter killed the fleet within one year from its public launch

Twitter killed the fleet within one year from its public launch

In less than a year, Twitter has bid on the Adieu to a story version called the fleet. Inspired by the success of stories in Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp, Twitter fleet also momentarily and remains loyal to its nature, they will disappear on August 3.

In official blog posts, the company states that the fleet fails to get traction and cannot inspire more users to join the platform or share their short thinking.

In fact, the company claims that the fleet gives them some important insights and learning that will be used to improve Twitter as a platform. After the fleet is lost, the user will see the Twitter Clubhouse-clon active room, above their schedule in the mobile application.

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VP Twitter Products, Illya Brown said, “We build a fleet to overcome some anxiety that hold people back from tweeting, the fleet is largely used by people who have tweeted to strengthen their tweets and speak directly with others. Accept that product It did not meet expectations, he stated, “We will explore more ways to overcome what hold people to participate on Twitter. And for people who have tweeted, we focus on making this better for you. “

Now the micro-blogging platform plans to add Fleet features to the Tweet composer to enhance the usual tweeting experience. Features to be implemented include – full screen camera, text formatting options, and GIF stickers among others.

Twitter recently announced that it will monetize the fleet with full screen and video ad ads, however, because of low use, the company does not succeed in generating income. Although not sure whether the ad will continue to appear elsewhere on the social media platform.

Twitter has been, lately, tested a variety of new features such as emoji arrays so users can express themselves better, blue Twitter and because the room gets a decent traction, it introduces the creator of content to produce some additional income using Super Follow and Space Tickets ,

Promising to evolve as a platform, Brown said, “If we don’t develop our approach and winding features occasionally – we don’t take enough opportunities. We will continue to build new ways to participate in conversations, listen to feedback and change direction when possible There is a better way to serve people using Twitter. “

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