‘Battlefield 2042’ will divide cross-play between the console generation

'Battlefield 2042' will divide cross-play between the console generation

EA and Dice have explained their plans to play Cross in Battlefield 2042. While the feature is still under development, it is likely that there will be no way for all players to join the same lobby.

During the technical playtest only an upcoming invitation, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S and PC players will be able to jump into the shared game. Dice plans to divide the collection of players between gamers on these platforms and those on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. PC players and consoles can choose out of play against each other, which might calm worries about the difference between controller and mouse and keyboard.

Divide players between the console generation may occur as a disappointment for some people, especially for those who have friends who do not have a decent gaming rig or have not been able to seize the PS5 or Xbox X / S series. However, it makes sense. The PS4 and Xbox version will have a smaller lobby than on the current PC and console, with 64 players, not 128, as well as a slightly condensed map. The reverse gameplay will be the same on all platforms, including weather events such as Tornado.

Cross progress also works. Progress and your goods (including you buy) will be carried away from one platform to another platform, so if you jump between PC and Playstation or Xbox, you will have access to all your equipment.

Elsewhere, dice plans to use the bot to fill the lobby when needed to increase matchmaking and maybe get you a faster match. You cannot opt ​​out of using a bot, even though the player will always have a priority for AI soldiers. If a player leaves the middle game, the bot will take over until other people join.

Bot must act in a manner similar to human players, even though they will not be able to use wings or class-based capabilities. The AI ​​soldiers can carry out other tasks, such as reviving teammates, calling the vehicle and capturing the goal. You will be able to fight bot in solo mode and co-op too.

In a blog posts that cover these news, dice and EA spill beans about several other features, including vehicles, loadouts that are fully adjustable and how different modes focus on certain map areas. Meanwhile, dice said you would not be able to fight on each floor of the skyscraper, only the lobby and roof. More details about Battlefield 2042 will be disclosed at the EA Play Live event on July 22.

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