Traits Of A Good Residential Contractor And How To Spot Them

Choosing the right general contractor can be a daunting task. The quality, cost, and timeline are dependent on who you may choose, so the choice becomes an extremely important one with lots of things to consider. Below are some things you must consider when looking for a good residential contractor.

They Have A Lot Of Clients But Not Too Many

You want your general contractor to have the optimal amount of clients to validate their experience while also giving them enough time and energy to focus on your project. Construction companies can easily get overbooked, spreading their time, equipment, and employees thin. Their schedule will leave little focus on you and your project, lowering the quality, even though the payment and personal importance of the project do not change.

They Have An Extensive Portfolio

Contractors have to be able to show that they have a large array of experience to validate their performance. This validation is essential to guarantee that you will get the best quality work for the price. Some contractors may just be starting out, and you will be taking a risk if you test out their ability to perform. It is always safer to go with someone who is experienced and has reviews that they can show.

They Have A Good Relationship With Their Employees

A contractor with a good relationship with their employees shows that they can be trusted. It also shows that the employees will be able to do quality work in order not to let their boss down. It can also reveal what your future relationship may look like with this contractor.

They Have Their Certifications And Degrees On Display

Before going with a contractor, you will want to know that they have the required certifications and licenses required for the job. It is also crucial to determine how seriously they take their education. A college education can also demonstrate that they possess a more well-rounded experience when compared to other contractors in the field. It is also easy to get a contractor’s license online, so not having one can be a red flag. Other certifications, tests, and experience can gauge their proficiency in the field, like mechanical aptitude tests and engineering background.

They Are Straight To The Point With Vision

A contractor who demonstrates that they can be streamlined, efficient, and straight to the point shows that they will be able to get the work done quicker and more effectively. This indicates that they have a goal in mind and a path to get there based on experience and reading the situation. This will take away any lollygagging from talking and trying to get other ulterior motives done. It may seem like not a lot, but it can add to a huge delay in construction times and increase the expenses further than needed.

They Are Compassionate

Your contractor being compassionate is extremely important because they will care about what you want and your needs. This compassion can give you more confidence that they will not just focus on themselves and will not be completely selfish. If you have a selfish contractor, they will only be in it for their personal gain and will not have good customer service or follow through with integrity to accomplish your needs at their own expense. Not having customer service is one of the many ways not to have a successful construction company, and you want to stay away from that.

Up-To-Date Equipment

Up-to-date and enough equipment is crucial for ensuring safety and deadlines standards are met. If you do not have properly functioning and new equipment, there are more chances for breakdowns and errors. They will also not be able to properly get the job done because they do not have the required tools. If they do not have enough of the equipment, there will also be delays because they have to split up the work, and the process cannot be scaled. Equipment that is not up-to-date can also cause a safety hazard which may cause an injury, further delaying the project.

They Follow Guidelines

You will want to stay up-to-date with the general guidelines for construction. You may not know some rules and regulations, which is fine because you simply cannot keep up with or learn all of them at once. Still, it is crucial to note what guidelines a contractor or their employees may be breaking. If they are breaking some, then they are most likely breaking others. This lack of regard will come at your expense in the form of cutting corners or delays.


There are so many different ways to tell if a contractor is worth your money and time, but not all of them are going to be spot on, telling you exactly what you want to hear. It is important to take your time and scope through your options to make sure you go over enough details not to get the short end of the stick.

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