The US government eliminates the obstacles of the main housing solar power in green technology encouragement

The US government eliminates the obstacles of the main housing solar power in green technology encouragement

Climate change concerns associated with the growing availability and affordability of green technology have pushed many consumers to explore solar home energy systems, including solar panels that can be installed on its roof. The Energy Department has announced a new fast tool designed to help obtain automatic consumer licenses to install residential solar panels, making the entire process.

Compared to a decade ago a decade ago, the cost of solar energy home energy systems has decreased by about 90%. It is a substantial drop, making solar systems a more affordable option for many owners seeking to reduce their dependence on traditional energy sources.

Despite the decrease in solar energy, installation costs remain relatively high and are cited by people in the United States as the greatest thing that prevents them from moving up with residential upgrading. In this spirit, the Ministry of Energy has announced its “Summer of Solar 2021” initiative.

In this initiative, the DOE launched its Solar Automate Automated Automated License Tool (SolarApp +) across the United States. In this case, the DOE explains, local governments will be able to quickly review and approve license applications pending residential solar installation. The DOE anticipates this tool “drastically” reducing the obstacles supplied with the installation of solar systems at home.

According to the Ministry of Energy, some consumers in the United States are obliged to wait until months to obtain a solar license. In these places, solar installation companies are less likely to offer their services due to uncertainty with the license process, making it even more difficult for consumers to add solar energy system to their home.

This is where the SolarApp + tool maintains, with the Energy Secretary of the DOE, Jennifer Mr. Granholm, indicating:

We quickly follow the future of America’s own energies by cutting administrative formalities to make it cheaper and easier for homeowners to access the sun. SolarApp + will burst the bureaucracy to accelerate the license, help the owners faster to add solar panels on their roofs, adding electricity gigawatts to the Grid of Nations, while creating good pay jobs. Today, I am difficult in the localities of the country to bring the solarapp + right to their hometown.

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