Gundam Evolution Trailer delivers an action FPS 6V6 PVP Finally: What has taken so long?

Gundam Evolution Trailer delivers an action FPS 6V6 PVP Finally

Over the past decade, Esports exploded and games like Overwatch and Dota 2 sat in the high-end-friendly action center. PVP games of all kinds have been popular because the internet allows to play with friends from home, and since Fajar Mech, people around the world have dreamed of ordering their own battle bots. What did Bandai Namco take so long to bring together all the pieces?

The Gundam Evolution game is not the first of its kind – there is already a previous PvP Mech game. There is already a game that looks like this, feels like this, and plays like this before. But they haven’t been gundam.

It’s like saying there are games out there in a world where you can find and fight small animals, but they are not Pokemon. Gundam is a universe of a long-term fan favorite brand located in the center of Universe Mecha because it effectively found the Anime Mecha genre “real robot” in 1979.

If you are looking for the most epic and fantastic Mech Suit Mech Suit FPS in the world today, you will want to check out Titanfall. This is not a gundam, but if you haven’t played it before and has been waiting to enter into the mechanism of your life, that’s what you should see first. Then let’s peek at the evolution of the Gundam when heading to the release at the beginning of 2022.

GUNDAM Evolution Game will begin its public life with closed beta starting August 8, 2021. There will be a recruitment period from July 15 (today) until August 2, and the creator of this game looks for around 5K users (in Japan, first) to test the game.

Bandai Namco will provide a new gundam evolution presentation on July 17 with early gameplay. There will be some chat about game creation, about games like now, and about where they plan to depart with the game. Youtube Embedded on this paragraph will show the presentation – stay here and take a peek!

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