The next state of Sony will focus on ‘Deathloop’

The next state of Sony will focus on 'Deathloop'

The next Sony State showcase will focus on Deathloop, the next exclusive PlayStation 5 console of Arkane Studios. The stream will have a nine-minute look at the adventure first, with the functions of Stealth and Combat, receiving some time to shine.

After a couple of delays, Deathloop must reach PS5 and PC on September 14. Microsoft and Bethesda will be in an unusual situation where they are throwing a game that can not play on Xbox for a full year.

Also in the file for the 30 minute state are updates of other third-party games, as well as some indie titles. What you will not see during the showcase is something about the horizon forbidden to the west, the god of the sequel to the war or the next Hardware VR PlayStation. Even though Sony recently showed 19 minutes from Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay, it is smart from the company to establish expectations about what will not be presented to mitigate disappointment. That said, Sony urged fanatics to “stay attentive throughout the summer”, since updates are on track soon.

Sony jumped to E3 once again this year, but PlayStation was announced as a partner for the Summer Game fest, which suggested that a state of play was imminent. You can see the stream on Thursday, July 8, at 5 pm ET on Twitch or YouTube.

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