The Monopoly Animal Crossing Edition arrives in August

The Monopoly Animal Crossing Edition arrives in August

Tom Nook apparently is not happy to sell houses to millions of crossed animals: new Horizons players. It seems that he wants monopoly players also adapt to him bells. This is how leaks are suggested in recent days, the monopoly of animal crossing edition is on the way.

Instead of the traditional monopoly format of the purchase properties and the load of other players rent when they land in one of them, you will be picking up errors, fish, fossils and fruits. You will also find other characters and perform island tasks. When you stop by the Nook Criny, you can use Bells to buy decorations, which are worth the miles worth it. Who collects most of Nook’s miles is the winner.

You will have to be careful, however. If you are unfortunate, you can go to jail.

The crossing follows the previous collaborations between Hasbro and the game editors. Along with the Monopoly versions of Fortnite and Pac-Man, there have been several editions based on Mario. ACNH is one of the most important games last year, and it would not be surprising to see fans crossing animals under pressure.

The monopoly of animal crossing edition cost $ 25 and will be available in August. You can pre-order the game of the board now.

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