The benefits of Badam roghan oil in skin care

Badam roghan oil

Types of almond oil

There are two types of Almonds whose oil are used in various purposes.  The sweet almond oil or Badam Roghan oil is used in the cosmetics products and also in the ayurvedic products. Almond oil is rich with nutrients and used in various therapeutic products which are beneficial for the body and the skin. Almonds are mostly originated in the Middle East and the South West Asia. The bitter almond oil is generally used for flavor, while People use herbal badam roghan oil for skin care. 

Ingredients of almond oil

Sweet almond oil is full of nutrients and it is rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, protein, zinc, mono saturated fatty acid and potassium. Vitamin E is a strong antioxidant and helps to remove stress by fighting the free radicals present in the body.  The free radicals are responsible for the degeneration of the collagen layer present in the skin.  Elasticity of the skin depends on the collagen layer.

If sweet almond oil is applied on the skin, the vitamin E present in it penetrates into the skin cells and helps the skin to rejuvenate. Vitamin E helps the skin to repair damages caused by UV radiation and make it soft and smooth.

Almond oil also helps to retain the moisture of the skin. The fatty acid present in almond oil is beneficial to retain the moisture of the skin and very beneficial to treat the chapped and wrinkled skin. Vitamin A present in almond oil also nourishes the skin and effectively treats the problems of acne.

Benefits of almond oil

Almond oil is very efficient to clean the skin as it is able to penetrate the layers of the skin very easily and clear the dirt from the skin pores.  The formation of acne and blackheads can be prevented with the regular use of almond oil.

The above-mentioned therapeutic properties of sweet almond oil have naturally branded it as a very beneficial skin care product.  The ayurvedic badam roghan oil not only improves the texture of the skin But also beneficial to lighten the under eye dark circles.  gently rubbing the sweet almond oil on the delicate under eye area help to lighten the dark color of the skin and regular use with adequate sleep can even remove the under eye dark circles very effectively.

The regular use of almond oil helps to get relief from various skin rashes and eczema. Long sun exposures make the skin dark and chapped.  Face pack with almond oil is beneficial to treat the tanned skin and restore moisture in the dry skin.

The sweet almond oil helps to protect the skin by creating a protective barrier on the skin which is very useful to protect the national natural moisture. The sweet almond oil is an essential ingredient in the ayurvedic skin care products and also the cosmetic skin care products which are meant to provide moisture and nourishment to the skin.

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