Why it is safe to get Breast Augmentation treatment?

Breast Augmentation treatment

Fat Transfer breast augmentation is a technique to transfer fat from other parts of your body and inject it into your breasts to achieve a fuller natural look. This is been used by women who don’t want to go with artificial implants and want only a minor increase in their breast size.

Fat Transfer is completely natural and permanent technique to enhance breast size and shape.

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular types of cosmetic surgery used by women around the world to enhance the shape and size of their breasts.

The best part is that women can choose to transfer fat from fattier problem areas of their bodies like thighs, abdomen, back and arms.

There are many benefits of these techniques as mentioned below:-

  • Natural:- You don’t have to put unnatural substances in your body like saline or silicone implants. Your own body fat is shifting places. You can transfer excess fat from any of your body part which is a problem area for you and transfer it to your breasts. Thus killing two birds with one stone. While you will reduce fat from an area which is a problem from you, and get it transferred where it is needed. Since it’s your own natural body fat, the results will be completely natural. By this method you will get two benefits from one procedure along with bigger breasts you will also get a flatter tummy, reduced love handles or slimmer thighs.
  • No Visible Scars:- Very tiny incisions are done when extracting and transferring fat via liposuction method which leaves no visible scars.
  • Safe: – This method doesn’t come with any complications which may accompany implants like risk of rupturing, shifting or collapsing. If a saline implants get ruptured it will be dissolved inside your body and you will have to get the surgery and implants done again. If you are opting a silicone implant, in case of a rupture or implant it may not immediately deflate but will leak inside your body slowly and may cause lumps, pain inside chest and other side effects. Rupture in a silicone implant is detectable through an MRI Scan and you will have to undergo another operation to get a new pair of implants installed in your chest once again which will be proved complicated and expensive and can have serious side effects. However, these kinds of complications are impossible to occur in natural method of fat transfer augmentation.

Though the benefits of Fat transfer seem enticing there are certain drawbacks too which you should consider before jumping to a conclusion.

Some of the disadvantages of this method are:-

  • Only a small increase in size possible:- You can only get a one cup size increase in your breasts due to limitation of fat transfer method. If you are looking for a larger increase in size of your breasts than implants is the only choice.
  • There are chances that the fat can be reabsorbed back into the body and diminish the enhancements at a later stage.
  • Does not prevent sagging:- Unlike Silicone Implants this method does not give you a breast lift and being natural fat it is still prone to sagging and loosing texture and smoothness due to ageing, weight loss, pregnancy or genetics.
  • The procedure cost more:- This procedure of breast augmentation fat transfer cost more than silicone breast implants.

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