Tencent hits facial recognition to prevent children from China to pass the curfew

Tencent hits facial recognition to prevent children from China to pass the curfew

Tencent has announced that it is now using facial recognition to enforce China’s playing sleeve for minors, one that forces them to play games only during the hours assigned during the day and to turn off their games at 10 pm. The law, which has proven to be controversial within China and beyond, does not apply to adults.

In November 2019, the Government of China announced new regulations that would prevent minors under 18 years of playing games outside the hours of 8 am to 10 pm. In addition, restrictions limit minors to only 90 minutes of play per day. The only exception is national parties during which minors can play up to three hours during the day.

These rules have, as you would, proved to be controversial among many; Some complaints about Chinese social networks include the subject of older adolescents who are about 18 years old and who have finished their education, but they are still affected by the restriction of the game. Under this law, China requires all players, including adults, to register their names and phone numbers for online games to help in the application of these restrictions.

In an announcement last week, Tencent said that it is now using a facial recognition system to detect children who are still playing games after 10 pm, including those that may have been registered as adults or who may be using the phone of a father. Failing facial recognition or refusal to participate in it will result in being offline kicking.

Tencent said that his facial recognition system now lives in more than 60 of his games, including titles such as the elite of peace and the king’s glory. Additional games will also obtain age verification systems in the near future, according to the company. More than 5 million accounts were subjected to the facial recognition system as of June, Tencent said.

The verification system is part of China’s broader movement against videogames. Under the same repression, China also prohibited anyone in the nation, including adults, from playing games that have content as the game, explicit sexual, violence and blood. If there is a rise in the draconian system, it is that the minors are also limited to spending only up to $ 57 / month in microtransractions.

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