Fortnite PSA: This is the last weekend to send your own skin concept.

Fortnite PSA This is the last weekend to send your own skin concept.

If you dream of seeing your own skin concept, it appears in Fortnite, EPIC currently offers you a shot in the fulfillment of that dream. However, this is your last weekend to send your idea hoping to obtain an official skin launch: the opportunity ends on Monday, after which you have any concepts you send, it will not be included for your consideration .

The opportunity of Fortnite is called Concept Royale and offers players the opportunity to send their own concepts of winter thematic skin for their possible inclusion in the game at the end of this year. As previously announced, the opportunity will end a minute before midnight on July 11, which means it has only until late on Sunday night to send your idea.

Ultimately, EPIC will choose two ideas to become atuendas that will be available in the game. People who present the two winning concepts will receive each of $ 2,500 as a prize, in addition to getting their own idea of ​​the skin in the title. The contest started on June 15 and is open to players who are at least 13 years old.

The concepts presented must be original and designed works to match the holiday season. Epic plans to present them during their 2021 winter event, which will begin towards the end of the year. The company suggests that the skin concepts sent must be “festive, ice cream and funny designs”. Previous examples of winter thematic skins include things like a tree full of light and a muscular Santa.

In order to take your designs to Epic’s attention, you should share the work on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag “#conceptrocycontest”, otherwise the company will not be able to find the tickets. Go to the Epic Games website to read the complete rules of the contest.

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