Steam cover: everything we know about the valve handheld computer

Steam cover everything we know about the valve handheld computer

The steam platform is the rumored portable valve PC, and its set to launch this December. This device similar to a Nintendo switch promises to put a fully functional PC in the palm of your hand, and for anyone with a large library of steam games, it sounds like a fairly tempting proposition.

News originally arose that the company behind half-life was secretly developed a hand-drawn device in April. Drawn the “Steampal”, which was also previously known by the name of Name Neptune, ARS Technica was the first to break the news about the portable valve PC games that now we know it is real.

At a glance, the steam platform is a portable PC game device all in one that carries the features and games that you love Steam and pack it in a factor in a more powerful and convenient way that you can carry with you wherever you Wow. It executes a modified version of the valve steam operating system, complete with an interface similar to the console, and has a 7-inch LCD screen.

Like the Nintendo switch, the steam platform can also be coupled and emit to a TV or monitor using its Type-C USB port. Valve plans to sell your own spring separately at a later date, but you can use existing USB type C-type springs without worrying.

This functionality means that you can use the steam platform as a fully folded PC, if you wish, since you can also install any operating system that you like, although the majority will be happy to remain SOVE SO. You can also connect multiple hardware accessories such as a mouse and a keyboard or a flying stick, which means that all your favorite peripherals will work. Oh, and you can even connect a pair of wireless Bluetooth headset.

The steam platform is released in December 2021 and costs $ 399 / £ 349 for the base model that comes with 64 GB of EMMC internal storage and a transport case.

The average range option costs $ 529 / £ 459 and includes a NVME SSD of 256 GB inside for faster storage, a case and an exclusive steam community profile package.

Finally, the highest level option costs $ 649 / £ 569 and includes 512 GB internal storage NVME SSD, premium anti-glare engraving glass, exclusive transport box, exclusive steam community profile package and an exclusive topic of virtual keyboard.

The storage of three consoles can be expanded thanks to a microSD card slot, which supports SD, SDXC and SDHC formats.

We hoped that the steam platform was sold to a higher price tag than the Nintendo switch, which is sold for $ 299 / £ 279.99 / AU $ 469, but it is even more expensive than the new Nintendo OLED switch, which is sold by $ 349 / £ 309.

Gabe Newlell of the valve said the company found that it hits the “painful” price, but “critical” in an interview with IGN. Newell told IGN, the need to be “very aggressive” in terms of prices, and said that the highest priority was to make sure that PC players can pick up the steam platform and feel that it works perfectly.

“I want to pick up this and say, oh, everything works, everything is fast, it’s all … and then the price was secondary and painful, but that was clearly clearly a critical aspect of him,” Newell said. “But the first thing was the performance and experience, [that] was the largest and most fundamental restriction that was driving this.”

The steam platform may seem quite unpleasant, but Valve says it has been designed for comfortable and prolonged game sessions, and has a fund funds control so you can play your favorite games without any commitment.

The steam platform presents thumbsticks “Best-in class” with built-in capacitive tactile sensors, that the valve says it will provide “a level of precision and comfort that is not found on other portable gaming devices.”

He will notice that the steam platform also includes two trackpads, which means that users will have a control similar to the mouse in games that do not play well with a gamepad. Valve says that these pads are similar to those found in their vapor controller now discontinued, so expect some haptic response and general improvements over the time trackpads.

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