Sony PS5 goes for pre-order today along with dualsense colored controllers

Sony PS5 goes for pre-order today along with dualsense colored controllers

Sony is all established for a new set of previous orders of the PlayStation 5 in India today at 12 noon. And this time you are expected to make Sony Dualsense drivers in black colors of cosmic red and midnight available as well.

According to a Listing in Flipkart, the new RESCOCK will also have the HD camera in terms of accessories. The Rescock is going to live with multiple retailers and the listings are live now. It is expected that the sale will live on Amazon India, Flipkart, Vijay Sales, the Shopatsc itself, and other Sony retailers.

There are no differences in terms of specifications between the regular white dualsense controller and the cosmic red or black midnight. The differences are purely deep. That said, the red cosmic variant has a price at RS 6,390, while the black variable of midnight has a price of RS 5,990 and both are available on the Sony Shopatsc website.

With the lack of initial rounds of anticipated orders, Sony seems to be inventing frequent round rounds in India now. It has also helped the matter that Sony PS5 has been exhausted at times every time it has been made available for pre-order. This is a clear indication of Sony on the demand of its new console in India.

One of the topics that customers have been facing is the frequent cancellation of retailers as Reliance Digital, Flipkart. This was probably due to overbooking by retailers compared to the actions provided by Sony. This is something that the company needs to address.

With the new actions that come in Sony, they should also address another problem with retailers, which is that of forced packages in customers. Some retailers have in the past tried to take advantage of the PS5’s demand to force more purchases to customers.

The Sony PS5 has been rated in India in RS 49,990 for disk edition, while digital edition has had a price of RS 39,990. The DualSense controller, which is the best-selling accessory for PS5, has been valued at RS 5,990 in India.

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