Who is the Nintendo OLED switch really for?

Who is the Nintendo OLED switch really for

Nintendo finally stepped back the curtain on his middle-aged Nintendo switch, and the Nintendo OLED switch is infrequently called. It is not the Nintendo Pro switch, like many speculated, but the Nintendo OLED switch.

Why? Well, because it comes with a 7-inch OLED screen, of course, which should make switch games more vibrant and seductive when playing in hand and table mode. It is also slightly larger than the 6.2-inch visualization of the original games, so the Competitive Games of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe when playing in the table mode should feel less strict.

The new screen is a great advantage, then, since anyone who has seen an OLED screen in action can testify how their black intestines and superior contrast relationships make it one of the best visualization technologies. The color palette and the bold color palette of Nintendo will also be treated wonderfully at the quality of the Punchy image, you can also provide an OLED screen.

But what about the rest of the switch OLED package? Well, there is more angry than being happy, with five outstanding problems that make the new Nintendo machine $ 349.99 / £ 309 / AU $ 539 a tough sale to anyone, but new adopters. Ultimately, ask for the question, then: Who is the Nintendo OLED switch really for?

One of the most suggested rumors about an update of the Nintendo switch was that the console would be issued at 4K resolution when you are coupled. And honestly, that made total sense. 4K has become the standard for most households these days, and switching games tend to look noticeably remarkably when they are sent to 1080p on larger screens.

Surely, then, the new Nintendo switches are produced at 4K? Well, no. Surprisingly, in 2021, we will still be required at a resolution of 1080p when the switch is played on a TV, which feels horribly outdated when 4K TVs offer quadruple 1080p pixels. Yes, Nintendo would have had to update its software to support the highest resolutions, but the results would have been extremely impressive. Just look how good Mario Kart 8 Deluxe looks at 4K on the video below.

It is a real shame that the OLED switch can not issue or at least luxury at 4K when it is connected to a TV, then something that the Xbox One S was able to do when it will be launched in 2013. I guess we’ll have to wait for the Nintendo 2 switch 2 Before Ultra HD reaches a Nintendo system.

Without departure 4K In the new switch, it is less than a surprise that the Games in the OLED switch will not result in a tangible improvement in the graphic or graphic quality of a game, but it would certainly have been welcome. With the PS5 and Xbox Series X series that makes 60 FPS, the standard standard, and the 120FPS support now widely adopted by the Microsoft Badge Console, in particular, the knowledge that most OLED switch games will be executed At a place of 30 fps, and then it is difficult.

An increase in power could have helped softening the oldest titles, such as the legend of Zelda: the breath of nature, which has never been able to run in a solid 30 tables per second. More games could have pointed to a 720p native resolution when running in hand mode, instead of the subnimatic resolution numbers we see today, as the Witcher 3 to 540p is executed. URGH.

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