sonu sood Really a Celebrity?

sonu sood Really a Celebrity

Sonu Sood (aka Sudhanshu Sood) is an Indian screenwriter, director, actor, and producer who lives in New Delhi. He is married to actress Shimit Amin, with whom he has two children. He has made a name for himself as a versatile character actor in Hindi films, most notably Kedar Talwar and Baahubali. He is also popular as a singer, composer, and yoga teacher.

Sonu Sood is a leading Indian celebrity wife, whose acting career spanned two decades. A quiet woman with a soft, gentle face, she has achieved international prominence as one of the most accomplished and respected Indian actresses. Born into a prominent Indian family inpex, Sonu was a child prodigy who learned to draw from an early age. She earned a bachelor’s degree in economics at Jawaharlal College, Jain College, and a doctorate in political science at JNU. She then began a successful and lengthy acting career, which earned her several Bollywood Film Awards for her roles in Rajneeti, Tinker Bell and Mankatha.

Sonu Sood was married to Sanjay Leela Bhansali, a well-known personality from Bollywood, who produced several hit films including Bhumika in 1990. They have two sons, Yash Chopra (Bollywood’s first choice for the best male actor nominee for the National Award), and Jay Baris. In recent years, Sood has portrayed a leading role in an award-winning drama based on the life of Chella Yachtsman, a contemporary merchant and confidant of Gandhi. Though she portrays a formidable and iconic character, in real life, Sood is a calm, sincere, grandmotherly wife and mother who adores her two children and cherish her marriage.

On the day of the verdict, Sonu Sood released a statement on her Facebook page saying “I am deeply saddened by the loss of my dear friend, Sumeet, director and producer, worldwide champion of Indian art & creativity. He was a great mentor and a wonderful human being, who will be deeply missed by all his friends and fans. My family and I send our deepest condolences to the entire Yachts Worldwide family during this difficult time.”

A few hours after the announcement, news reports started to appear quoting police officials as saying that the film actor had been found dead in his house in a rented apartment. He had reportedly been shot multiple times in the head. The police confirmed that the body was that of Sushmita Sen. Sonu Sood was not present when the accident took place. However, a relative confirmed to news agencies that he was in a rented apartment in Nagpur with his two sons when the incident happened.

Sonu Sood’s Facebook and Twitter profiles remained unchanged and there were no messages posted. There is no confirmation whether she had any contact with the director through either her Facebook or email ID. In fact, one of her former classmates confirmed to news agencies that she had known him for many years. There are also reports that she had been in touch with the Nagpur film director over a year ago through a contact at a Yacht club in Mumbai.

It is very difficult to confirm if the official website of Sushmita Sen is true as the website does not list any contact details. Similarly, there are no Facebook or Twitter profiles listed for this person. Sushmita Sen is not the only actor in the news for the wrong reasons as Prabhas Bose, son of India’s first Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, was also linked to terrorist activities in Sri Lanka. Bose is now dead. His father, Sanjay Bose, is in jail in India and he faces the death penalty for his role in the killing of civilians during the Tamil Tigers’ reign in Sri Lanka.

Most news agencies are now reporting that actress Sonu Sood has left Bollywood due to personal reasons. Reports are also stating that she has picked up the phone to request people to keep off news about her demise. There are many popular figures in the Bollywood industry that have been found dead or have disappeared without leaving any kind of trace. The case of Jodha Akbar is not an exception to this rule. However, this is just a small part of the many famous faces that have met tragic ends in recent times.

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