Google is making it easy to remove your recent search history on your phone: here is how

Google is making it easy to remove your recent search history on your phone

Google’s search history can reveal a lot about the user: Show what users have been looking online and you are also given a look at your navigation habits, which is something you may not necessarily want to keep a record.

Taking into account how prevalent phones are becoming primary devices of a user, many of these searches now take place on mobile devices. So far, it has been a bit complicated to eliminate your recent search history, with the options provided by Google in quite limited in reach.

Previously, users could clean all their search history from your Google application, delete the entries one by one or configure automatic deletion every 3, 18 or 26 months.

Identification of the obvious gap Here, Google has now added the option of “Delete last 15 minutes” with a single touch from a configuration screen, with the configuration that is done exactly as its description suggests.

This new privacy function to eliminate the partial search history was entered by Google at the new Google I / O developer conference and according to Google, it is one of the most demanded features by users.

How to remove the last 15 minutes of search history from your phone?

Google now allows you to delete the recent search entries, all you need to do is follow the process below:

Go to the Google application on your phone

Tap your profile photo on top right to access settings

On the next page, you will see an option “Delete the last 15 minutes” and all you need to do is touch it and the entries of the last 15 days from your search history will be deleted

In addition, Google will also easily eliminate all search history. The new process of two touches to eliminate the search history will be implemented soon. However, remember, once you delete the search history, all the details of the Google activity section will also be deleted.

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