Free Game Games Epic Games: This week’s gifts revealed

Free Game Games Epic Games This week's gifts revealed

Ready for the Games of the Epic Games for free this week? With the world, continuing, he still turned back, Covid-19, there has never been a better time to stay inside and the game. Whether you are establishing a single epic player adventure, or it is associated with your online friends, video games are the cure everything we need at this time during these unprecedented times. It’s good to give free games every week, then, and we are rounding all the gifts below so you do not miss it.

This week, Epic is giving away the Uoduction, which is available to download until July 2. of the creators of Myst, this science fiction adventure sees that it is in an extraterrestrial landscape broken, where you will need to explore, discover and solve for Find a way home.

More free games

As for the other games? Well, EPIC is also giving away from offworld Trading Company, a fast-rhythm economic RTS of the main designer of civilization IV, Soren Johnson.

The Epic Game Store continues to offer free games each week for the foreseeable future as part of its commitment to win the players. Its objective is to be established as a serious game distribution force, giving it against the long-standing king of PC Gaming, the steam platform of the valve.

Although EPIC has courted some controversy through its aggressive approach to ensure the exclusive PC games for your platform, it is difficult to discuss your continuous distribution of free top-notch games.

Games next week

Can not you wait to put your hands on some more games without spending a penny? Well, EPIC has revealed that the defense grid: the awakening and Verdun will be given for free on July 22.

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