Elon Musk reserved a trip to space with the Galactic Virgin.

Elon Musk reserved a trip to space with the Galactic Virgin.

You would think that Elon Musk and Richard Branson would remain a grudging among themselves when they both have spatial tourism plans, but that is not true, in any case, they are surprisingly Buddy-Buddy. Virgin Galactic told the Wall Street Journal on a statement that Musk bought a ticket aboard the company’s air launched rockets. He is not sure only where the SpaceX founder is in the queue, but it is safe to say that the trip of him will get attention.

The feeling is mutual. In an interview with the Sunday schedules, Branson said that Musk was a “friend” and suggested that he could fly on a spacex boat “one day”. He even left as far away as to tweet a photo that showed him and musk.

Just do not expect that kind of heat and camaraderie by Jeff Bezos. The blue origin was more than a little anxious to talk about the Virgin conversation ahead of his first FlightPlia space completely completely, claiming that Branson and the team were simply brushing the edge of space. While the company later wished Branson a “great flight”, we would not expect Bezos and Branson to have heart coffee chats to heart soon.

It is not a complete shock that Branson and Musk would be so welcoming. However, well, your personalities mesh, both are not fair competitors. Virgin Galactic is mainly aimed at the content of spatial tourists with subordinary flights, while the Virgin orbit focuses on launching satellites for attire that can not justify coastal conventional rockets. Meanwhile, Spacex has focused its tourism efforts in lunar flybys and usually takes costly payable payments in space. This does not mean that the two executives will begin to contemplate if their businesses really overlap, simply not count on the positive vibrations that last forever.

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