Clubhouse will welcome exclusive Ted cats

Clubhouse will welcome exclusive Ted cats

Last and a half year have seen many events in person canceled, postponed or moved online. Some organizations have even been found expanding to new places and media. Ted, famous for your inspiring and mental opening conversations, has long provided videos of those conferences around the world for a long time. Earlier this year, he embarked on a new only audio format and is now being associated with the hottest audio social network to take Ted to Cats of the Clubhouse.

There has been a resurgence of popularity in audio media, such as podcasts recently, perhaps in response to the flood of video transmission and videoconference that has been happening in recent years. Spotify, Apple, and even Facebook is now competing for being the best podcast house, but Clubhouse and TED are taking a slightly different approach to audio single media space.

Ted already released his collective audio podcast last year, but, like any podcast, it is mostly a single-sense street. Of course, listeners can send questions or comments, but there is no live interaction with listeners unless hosts are making live calls. That is something that the clubhouse has already proven to be excellent, and is bringing that questions and answers to the TED listeners.

According to the point of view, the exclusive partnership between the two implies that Ted has the freedom to sell announcements or brand associations without a clubhouse that takes any cut. That is quite unusual for such deals, but Clubhouse could be after the positive press that will bring this exhibition. The first room of the Casa Club Ted will stay on July 12 at 11 am et, and the successful chats will take place every Monday afterwards.

It is a new interesting place for the young clubhouse and perhaps a testimony of its own brand power to address an agreement with TED. However, it will not be only in that space, with Apple, Spotify, Facebook and Twitter, offering its own audio only spaces. It will be a race to record the great names for these networks, which potentially makes it the next battlefield of large social networks.

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