Choosing Between Dedicated and Shared Proxies

Dedicated and Shared Proxies

The significance of proxies in the business sector is undeniably remarkable. They can be used in various situations, namely web scraping, and often have many benefits for an enterprise owner.

What is a Proxy Server?

A proxy server is your doorway to the internet world. It is a server between you and a site you visit. There are protocols to help you connect to proxies and  also stop spam by spam test.

With the help of a proxy server, you can send a request for HTTP to a website instead of traveling directly to the website. Your HTTP request will go through the proxy server, then to your intended website.

Currently, there are several proxies you can choose from, but this article will be discussing shared and dedicated proxies in particular.

Dedicated vs Shared Proxies: What are the Differences?

IP addresses are pretty much included in the picture when we talk about proxy servers. Now, it boils down to how dedicated IP vs shared IP has differences from each other.

Bear in mind that both proxies have pros and cons that must be taken into account.

  • Shared Proxies

These are used by multiple users at the same time which means several people are accessing the same IP addresses simultaneously. These are readily available and affordable. Shared proxies are often available for free.

However, it leads to a slower connection thus you may need to extend your patience. The network is also not private which can make you lose your IP address. It is also highly vulnerable to hacking attempts and spammers that can expose your data.

  • Dedicated Proxies

These are also called private proxies. Dedicated proxies are not shared by several users. Instead, they are limited to one device or user. There are two types of dedicated proxies, specifically the datacenter proxies and residential proxies.

  • Datacenter Proxies

Datacenter proxies are formed by computer-generated technologies hosted on powerful computer servers. It allows steadfast connection speeds even though it is hosting a huge amount of proxy servers. Thus, these are perfect for traffic-intensive responsibilities, for example, email protection or market research.

  • Residential Proxies

Meanwhile, residential proxies are built by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). These are hosted on real and physical machines that give dedicated IP addresses. It is a brilliant solution for a myriad of online activities like advertisement verification, pricing intelligence, data gathering, maintaining the identity of an internet user, etc.

Among the advantages of using dedicated proxies is the fast loading speed. You no longer have to fear lag time. You can search, download, stream, and surf as much as you want. This is made possible since you would not be sharing the internet bandwidth with others.

Also, the IP address does not change, which lets you visit websites that whitelist the IP addresses. Additionally, these proxies have a defense against spoofing and hacking attempts. Thus, it can be utilized to guard confidential data in a private system.

Information such as account details, routing numbers, and credit card numbers, routing numbers are strictly kept from the public eye.

Unfortunately, these are quite pricey and commonly cost around five times the worth of shared proxies. It can give you a reliable extent of anonymity, unlike shared proxies.

Dedicated proxies are guaranteed to be more dependable and long-lasting than the shared proxies since they are not misused by users. You will be the sole authorized user with authentication for this type of proxy.

Why Dedicated Proxies are a More Suitable Choice for Business?

Dedicated proxies are often recommended for companies and owners. This can be because it brings secrecy and confidentiality, making them among the most active internet solutions in the market.

The most famous industries that use private proxies include travel aggregation, competitor research, social media marketing, security, gaming, identity protection, and the like.

An example of an establishment that takes advantage of private proxies is the ad verification sector. It lets corporations anonymously access the landing page of the advertiser without their IP addresses being blocked, banned, and recognized.

Private proxies are highly recommended among businesses and business owners for the reason that they are highly reliable, secure, and fast. It can also provide you full control on how they are going to be used and when. They can even help you eliminate unwanted spam, banners, and advertisements.

Moreover, these proxies can support several sites which makes them ideal for browsing the web from different places and bypassing geological restrictions.


Selecting the best proxy for your enterprise is something you need to give the utmost consideration to. Remember that not all proxy providers are real, whether you would prefer dedicated IP vs shared IP or vice versa. Thus, look for a trustworthy provider to guarantee quality service.

Aside from this, you also need to consider several factors such as the quality and price of the service. The need for exclusivity is also another major factor you need to take into account.

Overall, choosing between dedicated and shared proxies ultimately depends on your needs as a web user.

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